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Mother and child electricity supplier five O2O play shoulder micro shop into a new darling

[Abstract] how well O2O this banner, all maternal electricity providers have their own way, but on the whole, from the five main channels, including B2C, the enterprise extends to the line brands via restructuring business platform and community O2O, led to APP, O2O transformation by micro shop. But based on the traditional way of transformation, there are also companies another way, O2O opens the unique way through the door, the next Xiaobian for readers to count a few models in recent years maternal electricity supplier layout O2O.

independent B2C+ store

for the vertical maternal electricity supplier, the most direct way to quickly enter the next line is the traditional way to open the chain store, the line chains can directly flow into the line to the next line, and does not affect the original supply chain relationship.

to you as an example, it has been back in 2000 on the line B2C mall, incoming O2O is from the beginning of 2014, through the "chain store + online mall" way to expand the line retail. As of 2014, has been in Beijing, Shanghai friends baby, Tianjin, Shenyang, Xi’an, Qingdao 14 city has opened more than 400 stores, online mall number of registered members of more than 5 million people.

than you, 2014 was on the line to prepare shellfish network chain is unique, the use of online direct supply factory set up under the maternal community store, and rely on the development pattern of joining.

In addition,

Le shellfish network, in the line of chain stores as the leading and maternal electricity supplier of Suning redBaby, while in the past March Jingdong in the country’s first maternal O2O Museum officially opened.

from the business point of view, B2C mall chain extension to the way the cost of consumption is very large, more suitable for high visibility, more market share of enterprises.


online tools + line hospital

at present, mobile consumer has gone beyond the PC side has become a new hot electricity supplier, has a APP key enterprises gather consumers, enterprises will also develop maternal APP as its strategic investment business layout in the mobile terminal competition is fierce.

The combination of

in the mobile Internet community with APP in "aunt Kitty" can be regarded as a typical, basic functionality of the APP is the basic function is to users to record their menstrual cycle, sexual life, signs and other information, in the "light interrogation service aunt plan collaboration with the hospital, doctors and provide free interrogation resources for users.

in maternal and child medical class mobile providers, the spring rain is also a high degree of awareness of the APP, on 2011 on-line. In 2014, the rain doctor teamed up good pharmacists, through professional doctor’s questions and Consulting provides accurate and convenient purchase guidance for users to form a closed loop mobile health service. At present, the "spring doctor" platform "