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Eleven pair of preexistence ignorant start to global



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in the popular goods sold out of stock


2009 in August and September, when he was chief financial officer of Taobao Zhang Yong and the team together to talk about how to do online shopping festival. After consideration, they finalized in November 11th. In 2009, the double eleven day, only 27 brands to participate in the promotion but fruitful, sales reached $52 million. Look at everyone in the unsuspectingly, popular goods sold out of stock.

2010/ explosion

businesses ahead of stocking logistics overwhelmed

in 2010, the emergence of the goods from the line down on the Internet to sell the situation, which is unthinkable before.

2010 double eleven day, the 21 million people in the Taobao focus on buying, single day turnover of 936 million, the day turnover of about 3000000 pen. So many orders brought new problems, overwhelmed the logistics warehouse explosion. Many users Tucao: fast month has not received the goods." 2011/ burst

is the first single shipment to pull the head broken million

from the beginning of 2011, the electricity supplier into the enterprise budget and large system. In 2011 eleven, Taobao mall Alipay trading volume exceeded 3 billion 360 million for the first time in a single business day selling tens of millions of sight. Industry insiders estimate that the entire Chinese express industry to mobilize the 400 thousand couriers in preparation for Taobao mall online shopping carnival. 2012/ mobile Internet parity software popular mobile payment increased by four times

entered in 2012, Taobao mall changed its name to Tmall. Consumers have more platforms and goods can be selected, but the problem is also followed, that is how to find their own needs in the vast amounts of goods, so the price of software instantly popular. Another highlight is the rapid development of mobile payments. In November 11, 2012, Alipay wireless payment number more than 9 million, an increase of 4 times a year.


online and offline integration transaction refresh record

2013 double eleven has been from the online consumer activity, began to become the overall consumer holiday. When the first two eleven Tmall open online and offline. In other words, the store will be the first to participate in the big promotion, covering more than 1 thousand cities and counties across the country under the 3 line stores. In terms of goods, a lot of daily necessities, household, necessities began to play a leading role.

2014/ international

out of the sink channels

this year, the biggest bright spot is the first launch of the global buy, sell the world". According to Tmall President Wang Yulei introduction, there are more than and 20 countries and regions of the more than and 200 overseas brands to join the train.

in the cross-border electricity supplier frequently steal the spotlight at the same time, the electricity supplier sinking has become today "