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Taobao boys’ B life lace, heels and lipstick

Abstract: "Taobao is like the sea, it contains all of us." Today, Jiang Lin has enough courage to try on women’s clothes in the market, he felt that this is a release of self identity.



network operators in the world

photography / black

after the first phone call, and after five days, and finally met Jiang Lin himself.

he wore a plaid shirt, skinny jeans and young people wearing white shoes, the brim low, sitting in the humble sofa, hands have been playing with ipad.

broke the silence and did not imagine the difficulties, 92 years of Jiang Lin unexpectedly talkative. "I don’t have much more to do than women," he thought for a moment. "But you can’t imagine how much I hated myself."

although the process is very difficult, but Lin Lin still slowly accepted the true self, "in fact, this is nothing. Women have spent hundreds of years pursuing the right to wear pants, and now it is the right for men to wear skirts."


if shopping to see the woman, Jiang Lin will find on Taobao. "I go everywhere with iPad, the screen is big, look at the pictures of Taobao is particularly convenient"

was cured by a "show of buyers"

if the initial hazy sense from the count, Jiang Lin’s obsession with women’s clothing has been nearly ten years.

"I grew to love the beautiful dress," Jiang Lin said, until after the junior high school has the gender consciousness, to feel that they are very special, "subconsciously feel shame, want to hide, this situation continued until graduation."


although dressed in men’s clothing, but Lin Lin’s eyes still look like a girl.

resisted taking pictures, refusing to communicate, not looking in the mirror, realizing that he was a "special group", and that for a long time he thought he was a pervert. "Has to cannot mirror the point, see myself in the mirror I feel sick, is really sick. Self doubt seriously when really want to commit suicide." Even if he tells it lightly, but will still experience intense pain and struggle at that time.

Jiang Lin recalls, inadvertently rescued him is a network of buyers show photos. He was so excited to see the picture, "I saw at first glance that the man in the photo with high heels was like me. And he seems to have been very good, he completely accept themselves, this is what I have been looking forward to."

from then on, the Buddha suddenly opened the new world, Jiang Lin through the network access to a lot of this kind of". They formed a small circle, talking about the style of clothing, sharing the experience of skin care products, like any ordinary girl’s circle