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Tmall supply and marketing platform will receive a maximum payment of 50 thousand yuan deposit

news May 17th, according billion state power network understanding, the day before, Tmall modified the standardized management of supply and marketing platform in 2013, has been released to the businessman, but not yet publicly released. According to the introduction of the supply and marketing platform 2013 annual management specification announcement, Tmall supply and marketing platform to begin to settle the vendor received vendor margin and Tmall distribution margin.

According to

billion state power network to understand, since the Tmall marketing platform line not to charge the supplier and supplier in Tmall distribution margin margin. However, in May 20th, scheduled for the release of the specification announcement, the payment of the deposit and the supplier settled conditions and other rules have been amended.

in the upcoming release of the announcement, no longer require suppliers must have a Tmall shop or market two crown stores, but only need to have the business license of the enterprise brand, qualification, tax registration certificate and certificate of organization code.

Tmall supply and marketing platform to settle the supplier in accordance with the category was divided, different categories need to pay different amounts of supplier margin". Digital, home appliances, sports category is required to pay 50 thousand yuan, mother, beauty category need to pay 30 thousand yuan, clothing, home textiles and other Home Furnishing categories need to pay 10 thousand yuan. If the same supplier operating multiple categories of goods, margin maximum value of frozen, no need to re pay.

learned billion state power network, according to the forthcoming announcement, assigned to the supplier if the application of the Tmall distribution function, namely to find Tmall platform business as a distributor, also need to pay the deposit distribution. But the distribution margin without repeated freezing and settled in the margin, Tmall marketing platform will take the highest value of freezing, which has already paid the deposit in the supplier, if the application of Tmall distribution function, only need to be filled to 50 thousand yuan.

the upcoming announcement also must be within 15 working days to complete the deposit, is not expected to make up the deposit suppliers will be right to limit.

in modifying the rules before, not distributor of Tmall platform independent application, modify the rules acquired cat platform distributors can achieve independent application, but the number of distributors of Tmall platform is limited, not more than 50.


supply and marketing platform also changed the treatment measures in violation of the original supplier, shelf maintenance goods, remove the offending goods, recruitment restriction and publishing limited rights, search and repaying the permanent shielding, increase the supply and marketing platform home publicity and marketing activities in limited supply and marketing platform. Indicates that Tmall supply and marketing platform will make more attempts and exploration in marketing.

Tmall supply and marketing platform, said the 2013 annual management specification applies to all suppliers and distributors, the new user must be admitted and recognized in the year 2013 management norms. But for ordinary users, with full respect for business cooperation, give the suppliers have been settled in a transitional period of 7 months, to renew the link in December 2013 of the current year, will need to be agreed and approved the 2013 annual management standard, old >


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