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Advertising war buy site will not be left king

advertising war, buy the market can enter the era oligarchs

this is a new boom of the Internet, the first group purchase network officially entered the era of capital burn spell. Public comment in the Shanghai bus station on the plane advertisement; handle network put ads in the bus body; rice network TV advertising on CCTV and major TV; Gaopeng not officially opened, the Sohu website put substantial advertising. This spring, the advertising campaign group purchase site will more and more miserable: Groupon the year 2011 will invest 550 million yuan in advertising; the U.S. group net 130 million yuan tender advertisement plan; comment plans to spend 300 million to 400 million yuan on the group purchase business advertising


Internet jungle: left for the king! Media insiders believe that after a year of battle, a large number of network group purchase will be eliminated, scared, starved, burned, survived no more than 10, while the innovation works founder Li Kaifu predicted last year even after the elimination of the remaining three or four can only get financing at present! The first group purchase, such as the U.S. group handles 24 coupons, plus the gateway of the network group purchase group purchase is the Central Plains war, feudal lords vying for the throne, the website portal, maybe like video, SNS is ultimately oligopoly


regional brand of small groups, first-line buy, buy multiple coexistence pattern is the best buy market pattern

is well known, the basic principle is to buy a service and products, requiring consumers to reach a certain amount of polymerization within the specified time to enjoy the appropriate discount. Based on this principle, the group purchase network area period launched products, is also a day of N group (China group purchase network does not play the United States GROUPON the originator of a group), at present N is the two digit size.

so no matter how shopping network group purchase advertising, grab market share to do one or several network group purchase all geographical and product types of services.

and consumer demand is diverse and geographically, so they will focus on the hands and the mouse point to more visibility and brand trust buy site. A steady stream of cash flow is precisely the root of the survival of small group buying site. In addition, the purchase of a single network scheduling is limited, a large number of Chinese businessmen in order to use them to buy marketing methods, will choose to put more points and timely delivery. This is the commercial base of small and medium groups exist. The demand characteristics of consumers and businesses need to Chinese marketing network group purchase group purchase is the outcome is not a few dominant oligopoly structure, but the diversity of regional brand of small groups, the first group purchase group purchase, the coexistence of the portal.

small group buying site survival: regional branding and vertical differentiation

according to the latest statistics show 800 buy navigation station group, in March this year, a month, the number of buy site increased by 732, reaching 4015. The advertising campaign in the first group purchase website was like a raging fire, burn contest, small group purchase site of the how to survive and develop, health group purchase network operations director.


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