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Ali lift trademark war Jingdong double eleven to 11 11

morning news reporter Miao Xiali

distance double eleven left 10 days, the marketing war between the electricity supplier to upgrade again, Ali by double trademark attribution of the right to attack Jingdong in eleven. Jingdong forced to adjust publicity, no longer use the double eleven and other words.

Ali to take "double eleven"

yesterday, Jingdong in its official WeChat exposed: for the past two weeks, the national media advertising practitioners received a business enterprise issued a "circular letter", asked the media not to publish promotional with "double eleven" word advertising for other commercial enterprises. The "business enterprise" is really directed at the Alibaba group. Confirmed by the reporter, Alibaba group from October 16th to many of the country’s media issued the above notice letter.

Tmall said the

Ali issued a "notice", and in China Alibaba has achieved "double eleven" registered trademark (Registration Certificate Number: 10136470, 10136420), authorized by the Alibaba group, Tmall will "double eleven" trademark enjoy exclusive rights, protected by law, any other person to use behavior is a trademark infringement.

yesterday, reporters at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office website did a query to the Alibaba will "double eleven", "double eleven Carnival", "double eleven online shopping Carnival", "double 11 Carnival", "double 11 online shopping Carnival" all registered trademark. Registration information shows that in early November 2011, the Alibaba will apply for the "double eleven" as a trademark registration, such as "double eleven online shopping Carnival", the Alibaba group applied for 3, application number / registration number is respectively 10136497, 10140435, 10140387, corresponding to the class number is 35, 41 and 38.


class 35 "double eleven online shopping Carnival", in November 1, 2011 for the preliminary announcement, in July 13, 2013, the registration announcement date is 3 months after the October 14, 2013, the special period is 10 years. Class 41 "double eleven online shopping Carnival", was filed in November 2, 2011, the registration announcement date is February 28, 2013.

IT lawyer Zhao Zhanling said, each trademark means different business categories. For example, class 35 trademark is mainly related to the 38 types of advertising, news agencies, television broadcasting, remote conference services; and 41 types of goods and services to include training and education and entertainment competition, business, entertainment, TV lottery club services etc..

Jingdong was forced to "11· 11"

Alibaba for the ban, Jingdong, suning.com and other electricity providers have also been adjusted.

Jingdong official said, double eleven promotional rhythm has not been affected by the basic, to yesterday, the Jingdong page double eleven promotion has changed >


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