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The possibility of e-commerce in training industry

Baidu e-commerce to find the relevant results of about 100000000, from this simple data to see how popular e-commerce today. In recent years, e-commerce is a trend which cannot be halted swept the major industries, whether traditional or emerging, whether it is high-end or low-end, e-commerce is undoubtedly more and more extensive influence on people’s life. 2010 China’s education and training market size has reached 300 billion yuan, the education and training industry, although there is no real estate, automotive and other industries huge sums of money and profits, but he has been a sunrise industry. For such a rapid development of the sunrise industry, e-commerce can shine into the traditional education and training industry,


education and training industry there is a special case of electronic commerce has disappeared, that is it. Gradually attach to the Internet in recent years, the school relies on Internet technology to improve and people began to develop the long-distance education, and rely on the advantages of network technology’s fast in network. Education and training are the life of the service industry, the service life of the electronic commerce is to last year very hot group purchase, before the food store away from the noise of the Internet, with his quiet life, suddenly one day the group purchase pull them to the Internet, so they began to bring the experience of electronic commerce "magic legend". The training industry has its own particularity, he can also enjoy the magic brought by e-commerce?. The reasons are as follows:

1, the needs of students

the Internet is convenient to gradually become "house", what people are willing to go through the network, the mouse will be able to get the line ran half a day to get results, Why not?. Especially after 80 young generation, they have become accustomed to the convenience of online shopping, in the choice of training schools, they will also be the first thought through the network. Look at the old students to the school’s comments, through the online payment for direct application and so on, they don’t have a crowded bus, not from the bank card to withdraw money to pay to the school, the fast service will make them exciting.

2, school needs

The maximum pressure

training institutions from the students, with more and more training institutions, between World War II students is often the case, how to maximize the expansion of their influence, natural and ultimately their footprint network. One might doubt, if through the network affects the enrollment enrollment under the original line, and finally pinned down how to do? If there is such a question and choose to give up the network market, waiting for their competitors to grow day by day, it will eventually exit. That this is the trend, it should take the initiative to accept, can make their own more and more powerful.

3, reduce process, reduce costs

for the student side, do not have to choose the cost of the line, but also do not have a cumbersome line registration procedures, breaking the time and


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