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Lei Jun said do not always take apple and millet than we are more like Amazon

millet success also attracted attention of Western media, the founder Lei Jun millet foreign media said: "now we have China third large commercial enterprises, and we have built a very large mobile Internet platform. We’re more like Amason." What do you think?

technology and its founder Lei Jun millet quickly dubbed the "Chinese version of the apple" and "Jobs China version" of the title, here is part of the reason is because love in the intelligent mobile phone Lei Jun released a new type of love wearing black T-shirts, in a simple and beautiful product pictures on the stage of pacing. Not surprisingly, the company’s performance is very good millet. The company’s smartphones are said to have shipped more than Apple’s iPhone in China — in part because it is cheaper than iPhone. Like other Chinese intelligent mobile phone manufacturers, millet also left in the use of apple sales decision of market space, the latter in this population, the average income level can not afford Apple country trying to remain high sales strategy.

these cheap smart machines from China for apple, Samsung and other high-end manufacturers may be a big problem. If you can buy a good product for $100, there is no reason to spend $600 on a mobile phone, even in developed countries. This week, millet launched a new model of smart phones, red rice, red, and very beautiful. Pre-sale of 7 million 450 thousand units, said to be sold for 90 seconds. This phone also has many traces of apple.

But for the

Lei Jun millet and apple in this point don’t feel happy. He told reporters this week, the Reuters in Beijing, said Lei Jun millet like Google and Amazon. The dialogue is as follows:

Lei Jun: "we are actually a Internet Co. We already have a mobile phone hardware business, and would like to incorporate this business into the Internet platform above. Once we succeed, we can make more money."

Reuters: "how can you say that they are Internet Co? You are selling mobile phone ah."

Lei Jun: "well, I would like to ask you, what is the Internet Co? The Internet represents an advanced way of thinking. Companies that do this have a huge competitive advantage. Now we are China’s third largest electricity supplier companies, and we have built a very very large mobile Internet platform. We have many mobile applications. We designed the MIUI firmware based on the Android operating system, which is a very powerful system. People don’t understand. Mobile phone is just a carrier. Microsoft has been in the Windows operating system carved in the box in the CD to sell, this is not to say that Microsoft is a company to do a paper box box and CD is just a carrier. If people don’t understand this, they won’t understand what a company is."



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