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Electronic commerce is the profitable way of network

has participated in the "financing" magazine’s financing will today, mainly e-commerce projects, money accounting network in the "financing" Journal of love, have the honor to participate in the roadshow project.

today to the party a lot of friends, have capital, Richwood PKU, Qiming venture, Jinsha River, long range capital, techventures, interactive and other friends. The first roadshow project is the online sales of men’s clothing — JUSTYLE, second money online, the last one is the coincidence point network. These projects are more or less the composition of e-commerce. Money online e-commerce is a good assistant, can help small and medium-sized B2C shop supervisor, manage money account.

prior to B2C has been some strange, but today to listen to the analysis of electronic commerce capital and Richwood Qiming, friends, I am so inspired by. In particular, provides the domestic e-commerce core data, as well as U.S. e-commerce data, let us see the future development potential of e-commerce.

current domestic Internet mode of money are: Games, e-commerce, advertising, mobile value-added services, etc.. Electronic commerce is one of the profit models that can be developed for a long time. And closely related to real life. There is a strange phenomenon of C2C is greater than B2C, while in the United States, B2C is greater than C2C, why? Taobao is a terrible monster, in Chinese is a freak, Taobao last year turnover is about 90000000000, a little difference reached Ma Yun’s 100 billion goals, but 08 years China snow disaster, the Olympic Games, the earthquake, impact, but we have to admire Ma Yun and Taobao’s performance.

from the United States to Taiwan, and then to mainland China, ranked in the top e-commerce sales of products are almost the same, there is not much difference. But China is one of the most innovative environments. Recently, my blog has forwarded several American e-commerce platform for investment news, why do they get investment because they are bold innovation.

China’s current e-commerce model is generally Dangdang, Jingdong mall, Taobao, VANCL, etc.. But Taiwan has several new e-commerce model innovation, in Taiwan do very well, and Chinese, almost did not see, if e-commerce Chinese can give the innovation mode of Taiwan imitative words, can create a miracle of e-commerce


we will wait and see! Recently, I also got an amateur B2C mall, from the previous theoretical study to the actual operation, I hope you can support a lot – Diglove dig love network: www.diglove.net


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