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Three views on the current electricity supplier industry point of view


in 2012, Chinese is shrouded in the end of the world electricity industry in general: "horrific failures, layoffs, IPO listed blocked" and a series of messages every day filled with our eyes, people can not distinguish between right and wrong. Bi Sheng electricity supplier last year, "fraud theory", the reason why the industry caused such a stir, is justified. In the electricity supplier industry "lie" era of flying, the occasional "truth" will seem so "precious", admire the courage of Mr. Bi sheng. Recently, I am far away from the electricity supplier’s secular dispute, calm down to read a few books. The details of the book, let me recall my six years ago entrepreneurial experience, harvest a lot. Combined with reading experience, today I would like to share some of my recent views on the electricity supplier industry some real, whether you like it or not, are the heart of the heart of the truth". I hope you can read patiently.

on the industry: the mind is still far immature

is one of the four Japanese business Mr. Inamori Kazuo is one of the four operations in Japan, one of the world’s top 500 enterprises established two. In the summary of entrepreneurship and life of his own experience, expression is very dull, he insisted: "because there is a fruit, a man doing business to be humble and work hard, be kind, not only is the only test failure, success is also a test".

electricity supplier industry, but not really mature. I dare say that in addition to the large B2C platform and C2C platform with burn grab users market qualification, China on the market most of the electricity supplier is not available in burn conditions. But the reality is the opposite, the entire industry is to finance, burn proud, ashamed to practical, low-key work, from the nature of the business. Wind: financial industry is full of one million yuan, that $one million, one hundred orders, one thousand that, in order to attract media attention and concern. In order to compete: intrigues many enterprises began to become irrational vicious competition, the price war as the only weapon, the final results of price war is: one thousand enemy will cut eight hundred, badly hurt. The price war even if you win, then there is a strong competitor, you will win? Do not stop the price promotion war could have been hit with? 2010-2011 years of false prosperity ", and" business this year "process to the freezing point". Does this really prove that there is a reason why there is fruit, the truth?

practitioners: the vast majority do not have the qualifications

Zappos founder Mr. Xie Jiahua believes that the creation of business process in the sharing of the Zappos company: ten the core value of the company (Corporate Culture) the final success of Zappos plays a crucial part. I want to share one of key talent view: very modest. The core idea is very modest to be modest, cautious, low-key, cooperation. In the business process of Zappos, had a lot of experience, Cong >


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