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2014 double 11, Ali listed the first exam five points

recently, Alibaba announced in 2014 Q2 earnings, the total transaction amount of Alibaba (GMV) reached 555 billion 666 million yuan, an increase of 48.7% over last year. Alibaba in the mobile terminal revenue showing an outbreak of Q2 mobile terminal transactions amounted to 199 billion 54 million yuan, an increase of 263%. By the positive impact of earnings, Ali shares rose 4.19% to $106.07, the market value rose to $2614.6, a record high since the listing, more than the retail price of the retail giant WAL-MART.

compared with the positive earnings news, the domestic war on the war triggered by the double 11 seems to be equally lively, and even had it. Ali a lot, from the establishment to a tourism brand in the OTA vertical market; 3 billion yuan reward to the front-line staff, to the double 11 trademark registration, Jingdong Ali two friends slobber everywhere, cancel the double 11 hearsay from before and after the listing, and then to adjust the strategy of double 11, from the Jingdong "fake", as in the past slow delivery of advertising to poke the pain points, the plight of the brand trademark door, this year 11 into two companies listed after the first World War, both of you come to me very happy. As the Q4 maximum intensity of holiday promotion, as the first two listed companies of the sales season, 11 of the two companies is far from a holiday promotion, both sides hope to produce a best answer for the capital market in 11, and the answer is not only yourself? It is more important to their industry the ecological health, and widening (CATCH) rival mileage.

2014 11 two Ali added a lot of play, from the main push of the international famous brand, to partner to sea purchase, free installment purchase, social interaction, and this year is the calendar year the number of businesses involved in most of the year, only Tmall has 27 thousand businesses involved (not including Taobao, Juhuasuan, Tmall, international aliexpress business division).

this year is 11 5 years since the founding of the biggest gameplay upgrades a year, why is this so focused on this year’s Ali double 11? Because without him, this is the first exam after the listing of Ali, the exam results directly determines the long-term performance of Ali in stocks, but also the first to show investors Ali shares the ecological industry, the double 11 of Ali’s importance is comparable to select the NYSE or nasdaq. The 11 is Ali, Ali after the listing of the final exam for the first time, the report card we can pay attention to those aspects of the


aspect one: the day sales can break six million?

this year, Ali 11 double platform has 2 major changes:

1, Tmall and Taobao first fit, the new C shop seller double fun 11.

2, the gameplay upgrades, multi entrance flow, brand racing horses. In previous years, only the main venue and the venue is different this year, eleven pairs of industry has also increased the minutes of the venue, the total number of up to 95 venues: including the main venue of the 20, the industry chain of the field, the 74 line


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