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ENom international domain name registration tutorial full solution

                    enom (enom.com) is a very well-known domain name registrar in. At present, many domain name game player is here and
                eNom domain name registration tutorial eNom there are two account categories

is a reseller, a Retail


simply registered website, that is to apply for a Retail account to be

I love eNom
has convenient management and transfer etc.

okay. We’ll take a look at how to register the international website
1. first use account login

Check domain name

2. the top of the screen, please enter the domain name registration within the box, for example, the address is admin5.com, so.Com is the input selection type behind Admin5, which is in accordance with your own needs to choose.

3. if the site has been registered, there will be admin5.com is not available, then you will have to choose a new name. If there is a admin5.com available is, then congratulations to you, said that the site is not registered, there is a add to cart>


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