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SF EXPRESS to explore a new model low-key push self convenience store

recently, SF EXPRESS has opened a convenience store in Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places, recently, the two convenience stores in Xiamen also officially opened the door.

last October, SF in Shenzhen and the well-known chain of convenience stores in 711 reached a cooperation agreement, will be more than and 100 711 Shenzhen area stores into SF authorized agency; in December of the same year, Guangzhou’s 8 word chain of convenience stores also joined them, this is the SF in Taiwan has been relatively mature and convenience store cooperation mode into the mainland market. In the convenience store, can enjoy the convenient SF express service point. After this, SF began further attempts, namely their shop, this progress can be said to be "low-key but quickly", currently in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Xiamen have opened three SF convenience store owned about 30 of these convenience stores, in addition to the SF express terminal as a collection point, also provides the commodity retail.

The person in charge of the

reporter contact SF EXPRESS PR, for their self convenience store so that a new model is not willing to transfer too much information, but the answer is "such a model is to explore, if have, summary of the report, they can not say too much, when mature that will do more to communicate with the outside world." But they also made it clear that the establishment of a convenience store has always been around the core of this business to do express.

industry insiders also said that this measure is aimed at increasing the number of outlets through the convenience store to solve the last mile of the distribution problem. SF convenience store model now is not easy to copy, because the shop cost is very high, for the vast majority of at a loss under the courier company, is not involved in temporarily.


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