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  • t turns out that consumers are too fat to buy online KEA announced in China to do electricity supp

t turns out that consumers are too fat to buy online KEA announced in China to do electricity supp

days ago, IKEA (IKEA) China District Public Relations Manager Xu Lide said in an interview, IKEA (Chinese) will be launched in the first half this year in online shopping service. In addition, part of the three or four cities will be launched in the delivery order center (Pick-up and order point) new store shape. But did not disclose the relevant distribution and self raised charges.


Xu Lide said that users will be able to directly in IKEA China’s "delivery order center" in the use or purchase of IKEA products, both to provide door-to-door, but also from the.

according to the "Wenzhou daily" reported that the first order delivery center will be at the end of May Huarun in Wenzhou opened in the Mixc.

this move IKEA brewing for a long time

IKEA’s electricity supplier business in fact as early as 2012 has quietly started in Europe, but not warm. For several years, its business core is still online.

2015, IKEA CEO Peter · Agni J Jay Wo (Peter Agnefjall) in an interview with CNBC, the next five years, IKEA e-commerce development efforts for five years to make IKEA’s online sales reached 50 billion euros, IKEA accounted for 10% of total sales.


IKEA CEO Peter Agnefjall

for the present, the total number of 28 countries or regions where IKEA, opened only 13 online shopping. Throughout 2015, IKEA’s online business growth year, online sales growth of 35%, accounting for the total sales of $3%.

that sounds a little face, but this is IKEA’s online business for the first time exceeded 1 billion euros.

is a dwarf night soared 2 cm, is gratifying, but is still a dwarf dwarf.

IKEA online is very bad, but that IKEA online has a lot of advantages

IKEA had regulations, anyone can sleep on the bed or IKEA overnight, all stores are not expelled, interference.

this is to allow IKEA enduring market experience brand, but also one of the reasons IKEA can not force online. The Swedish home company, in other parts of the online business to do the water test found that, and can not continue to bring users a good experience". This makes IKEA at a loss.

more confused is that IKEA created the experience is not simply relaxed and comfortable, but with a strong set of color style home solutions". This can be more difficult to achieve online than experience, IKEA said it has been scared silly.

can’t "square"


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