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Ali really made a wine festival, said Zhang Yong is not selling wine culture

[TechWeb] August 30th news reports, after the double 11 Festival, special purchases for the Spring Festival Alibaba, built a wine festival. Today’s first 9.9 Tmall global wine festival was officially launched, starting in September 1st, Tmall and Tmall international, consumers will be able to enjoy over 100 thousand drinks from over 50 countries.


in fact, as early as April of this year, the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma attended the Italy Verona wine show when he said, "to start from Italy, France, the future, the day of September 9th will be the global wine festival." At that time, Ma’s remarks have sparked heated debate, and now Ali really made a wine festival.

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said at the launch ceremony, wine festival is not a promotional event, not simply selling wine, but to complete the mission of cultural communication and consumer upgrades through the wine festival. Wine Festival and the use of Internet technology Ali ecology, so that China and the world of wine culture collision sparks.

after 17 years of development, Alibaba’s electronic business platform covering more than 430 million active users. In the face of such a large group of consumers, we have to help them taste the wine from around the world, enrich their lives, leading lifestyle changes." Zhang Yong said.

Tmall FMCG division general manager Zhao Lei (name of foreign) revealed that the wine festival will not only online, there will be nearly 5000 bar, wine stores will jointly participate in the wine carnival, to provide consumers with store distribution and site free wine tasting Carnival and other activities.

in addition to online and offline interaction, Tmall International Wine Festival will also use big data, media matrix (Taobao, micro-blog, Youku, UC etc.), rookie logistics, ants can gold fufu wine industry, the introduction of some new ways.

Zhang Yong to live video as an example, said through a live Chinese hundreds of millions of consumers witnessed the whole process from production to consumption of drinks. Through this new form, Chinese consumers can better understand the culture, story and history behind each winery, every wine brand.

in addition to live outside, Zhao Lei said, wine festival will also introduce KOL or net red. The choice of 100 professionals, such as Yao Ming, Zhao Wei, etc., to help spread the culture of wine, the entire global beverage can be more rapid connection with consumers.

, according to Zhao Lei, during the 99 Tmall Global Wine Festival, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Ji’nan, the city can be achieved on the line to buy wine, line store distribution, the fastest delivery of 1 hours.

Zhao Lei at the meeting pointed out that whether it is beer, liquor, rice wine or wine, online consumers are showing a trend of younger. Online beer 23-28 years of rapid growth in consumers, 18-28 years old young people in the purchase of wine growth trend is obvious, the main crowd of liquor and rice wine, although older, but the market share is also subject to the young group >


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