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B2C e-commerce platform do not do a good job of service and user experience

online bookstore, the two platforms we most often go to is Dangdang and excellence. Dangdang is the world’s largest Chinese online bookstore and shopping center, and Amazon because there is a global platform for the Amazon to do the club, through the acquisition of Jinshan excellence of the Chinese Amazon. Both are reputation, the competition between the two prices also gave us a lot of benefits. But the actual purchase experience in the end what is good or bad only used to know. Adsense nets admin5.com satisfied generally there are few books online habits, basic is the bookstore, buy a few of the learning books occasionally in Taobao. Have not experienced in the book Dangdang and Amazon. Yesterday because of a friend to buy the book is the reason to experience the service and the user experience of Amazon, from some small details to comment on Amazon.

because friends want to buy a book, the book in the Amazon price is much cheaper than the physical bookstore, so my friend intends to buy through the Amazon. But friends say may be their network is not good, the website registration page has been showing, and each point will lead to failure of registration registration card in there, so she asked me if I had an excellent account, whether purchasing. Because I do not have an account of Amazon, so I intend to help a friend to register by the way but also to register an account to stay. I opened the Amazon website click on the registration, the registration page that is really a problem, the first picture is not open, all show the Red Cross, especially the Red Cross display button, for some novice, may not find the effect of the registration registration confirmation button. The second is the page was displayed in the middle of the dislocation, the interface went to the left, I think it seems not friends network is not good, the Amazon is really a problem.


login registration interface


retrieve password interface

although the page is a problem, but I successfully completed the registration. And book a friend. However, there is such a significant problem prominent site, there is no failure or maintenance of any site notice, the service is really not in place. For some of the network is not very good for the novice, it is difficult to complete the purchase procedures. This morning I opened the network again, found that the problem is still. Until the afternoon to log on and log back to find the password back to normal. But the problem has come, after the site of the goods are not normal pictures, only click on the specific commodity address to see the picture. At the beginning of the author is also suspected of their own problems, but open the same site Dangdang is normal display. Ha ha, this is really a joke, log in to browse the purchase of goods, login problem recovery, and can not see the picture what is the use?

Amazon in some respects really do a good job, a wide range of goods, very cost-effective product prices. Excellence, however


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