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Donghua Beijing SYPC BeiCang Liu Qiangdong logistics layout prototype


in Beijing south of the outer ring of six Jingdong in North China Warehousing Center, every day a lot of traffic coming, whistling sound constantly. Usually, the 3C of the daily volume is 60 thousand, the book warehouse is more than 20 thousand. And such as 618 big holiday promotion, 3C sub warehouse orders will reach about 200 thousand, the book warehouse is the more than 60 thousand.

day before the launch of Jingdong speed up service, the warehouse will undertake the responsibility to Beijing delivery. As long as the user set up the speed of service, the day will be delivered within 3 hours. If not sent, then do not charge courier." May 14th, Jingdong COO Shen Haoyu in an interview with reporters, said that this service is currently only in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenyang, the six cities opened, the future will be extended to other cities.

differentiated courier service

orders from the user to receive goods, speed up the delivery time of only 3 hours, compared with the previous limit of up to speed up by a factor of two times.

this means that the entire back office operations need to speed up. North China, North China, Niu Chunling, director of the warehouse, told reporters that at present, the warehouse in Donghua, north of the warehouse from the user’s order to the library about 1 hours, the speed of orders will be compressed to less than half an hour.

Shen Haoyu told reporters that the Jingdong to speed up the order to open a "green light" can cut the hand picking, packing, and finally do not need to dial each dial center, all unified loading, sent separately.

enjoy speed service customers, no matter how much the amount of the order, you need to pay 49 yuan courier fee." Shen Haoyu told reporters that if the calculation speed up order delivery cost, cost 49 yuan a draw.

Business Analyst Li Chengdong believes that from the goods flow rate, to occupy the fixed capital said, when the order quantity reaches a certain size, many times a day logistics distribution sometimes did not improve the overall operating costs, but reduces the fixed cost of each order, enhance the efficiency.

cattle Chun Ling also admitted, "pay more attention to the storage part inventory accuracy and rate of flow of goods, which are two important indexes to improve storage efficiency. Inventory accuracy depends on the warehouse management system, and the commodity flow rate depends on the order quantity and delivery capacity.

"at present, not all categories to provide speed service." Shen Haoyu told reporters, small items can provide speed up service, but not bulky goods.

logistics and supply chain management, supply chain management consulting expert Hansen century deputy general manager Huang Gang believes that the implementation of the speed up is not a single category, is a single category, because the single category need to pick out from different positions.

prior to April, Jingdong announced involved in the field of business. Last year, Jingdong said to enter the fresh field.


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