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Venture capital touted Taobao big sellers claiming not bad money does not need VC

In addition to

e-commerce enterprises own brand has attracted a pull and pull the outside investment, Taobao online sellers are favored capital.

Jinsha River venture partner Zhu Xiaohu said, many other e-commerce project investment is almost the same, if we still have some money in hand, also want to cast the electronic commerce, will turn their attention to the Taobao merchant body.

Not more than

, a team member of small shops, but took the e-commerce mode, can be favored capital, attract capital concern is the business model or the company


is like CEO, regulating the family network angel investor Deng Huajin said: "like" If You Are The One ‘in, VC like 24 female guests, male guests like entrepreneurs, the opportunities for cooperation lies in the hands of entrepreneurs "


Taobao shopkeeper: there are contacts, but there is no need for

"daily economic news" learned that about a month ago, the first venture capital to get the Taobao seller officially signed with venture capital, 8 million yuan, from Zhejiang. Gradually, when e-commerce is regarded as the future development trend, Taobao sellers naturally escape venture of human eye.

seven princess top tide shop, Taobao big sellers, Cao Qing was born in 1982, from the investors are on the phone, talked for a while, she asked the other, "I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you, which is the capital of


so far, there have been a lot of VCs looking for her, but she has always believed that looking for a venture capital is like looking for a boyfriend, has been touched, until it hit the right venture.

created a record of men’s shoes sales in Taobao’s Mr.ing CEO Yin Zhiqiang, was born in 1984 in Yunnan, when he was 24 years old with work and earn all the belongings of 600 thousand yuan into the network selling shoes journey, main 80, 90 young men are.

created a number of sales miracle, he is also the object of attention of the capital, he said, we all believe that e-commerce is the future trend of development, many of the capital are actively looking for projects." So far, he is also in contact with venture capital, but there is no specific planning. Do not use the Mr.ing brand to do other products, brand awareness, so that many of his strong interest in venture capital.

venture a lot, they are looking for a good project, the rapid development of e-commerce has become a new depression." Hefei is located in the Taobao seller Wu Wu boss Li Xiaoliang said.

Li Xiaoliang did not give up the capital invested in the olive branch, he has maintained a venture with lunch or dinner interest. Is expected to open a store in downtown Hefei to the end of the year, the national expansion strategy and then to point, let Lee Xiao Liang "try to contact with each capital chat, find the feeling, until you find that fits their vcs".

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