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NetEase koala sea purchase in May to develop the United States over the past two years electricity s

monthly new category of dozens of the world’s top brands, two times a month to promote the whole network lowest monthly sales volume doubled, impressive record, established only 5 months of NetEase koala sea purchase run fast in the field of cross-border electricity supplier as a teenager, hitherto unknown development speed and even catch up with rivals jumei.com 2 years of accumulation.

at the NetEase CEO Ding Lei with the end of the koala sea purchase high-rise was invited to Korea after the trip, the NetEase is koala sea purchase inside a clear goal, in the short term to achieve fast beyond the competitors, to rewrite the traditional pattern of business.

category expansion speed lead cross-border electricity supplier

category expansion rate is the core of the world’s leading provider of cross-border electricity supplier NetEase koala purchase. In the fierce competition on the mother and child category, there is no one electricity supplier in a few months time to cover all of the world’s top mother brand. The biggest selling brand of milk powder as an example, the NetEase in April was only the koala sea purchase Holland milk (milk, miso, Kraal) Germany (aptamil, Xi Bao), is now covered by the Italy milk powder (Mei Lin), British milk, powdered milk in the United States (Mei Zanchen Abbott, golden shield, Vermont), Australia (Bellamy formula Wyeth), can meet the demand for the purchase of all outstanding mother sea Amoy milk.

has become the Red Sea in the beauty category, NetEase koala sea purchase is a day for the rapid expansion of the category. At the beginning of the line is only a limited number of beauty brands, now only Korean cosmetics, NetEase has created the koala sea purchase the vast scale of the area, with It’s skin, SNP, Leslie, nine, Too, cool and cloud Lide for school, Coreana, Mizon, Secret key, The face shop, The SAEM, VDL other top makeup brands, covering film, horse oil, Cleansing Cream, BB cream, CC cream, lipstick, makeup books and other popular goods, let the fashion people enjoy foreign top beauty.

at the same time, NetEase koala sea purchase in the home care, health care products, imported food category three also carried out a new fast. In a NetEase, koala sea purchase focus on building sanitary area, realize your love, LG, Kao younijia Niang, P& full coverage of G, such as Japan and South Korea’s top King sanitary napkins. On other platforms ignore the category of health care products, the NetEase is koala sea purchase doing my part to become the first, not only has the good deposit, viartril-s, Comvita, double made, Swisse, Nature, Trunature, Kids, drops and other brands, but also the implementation of the age of health care products cover.

performance growth beyond jumei.com

Jumei.com has been known to

growth rate. According to the official website of jumei.com, jumei.com was founded in March 2010, the monthly sales of only 100 thousand yuan, jumei.com May 2011 monthly sales exceeded 30 million, achieved results across spent nearly 1 years.


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