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Ali listed after the first double Eleven globalization and wireless


technology news October 13th morning news, Alibaba in Hangzhou today announced the listing the first Tmall double 11 shopping Carnival strategy. This year’s double 11 will be around Ali electricity supplier ecosystem, force globalization, wireless and platform in three directions.

five years, the dual has gradually changed from the electricity supplier marketing day shopping carnival, and this year’s promotional range will also be extended from the domestic to the world. The double 11 shopping Carnival will be the largest number of years to participate in the number of years of business, only Tmall has a number of businesses involved in it.

this year’s double 11 Shopping Festival is Ali for the first time after the listing of the group, the first is the main direction of globalization, domestic consumers can purchase goods to the global, global consumers can buy products made in china. In addition to Tmall, Tmall international, Taobao overseas, aliexpress, rookie logistics and international cross-border Alipay will achieve the integration of internationalization and localization of business.

on globalization, on the one hand, the double 11 will open up new overseas venue, Tmall international sea Amoy purchasing model into the mall, through the introduction of foreign goods bonded mode. Currently there are more than and 20 countries overseas merchants settled Tmall international.

on the other hand, to help Chinese sellers overseas Taobao and fast selling platform will increase efforts to promote the platform – with Taiwan, Hongkong and other lines of business cooperation, or promotion in overseas websites.

and the rookie network will introduce global logistics resources, cooperation with the customs, in order to protect the smooth implementation of the double 11. The rookie network will provide data forecast and testing of cross-border services, the timely tracking of global cross-border parcels.

double 11 this year, the direction of the wireless, specifically from the wireless, social, personalized and localized aspects of exploration and practice of Ma proposed cloud + end strategy, second. In addition, Tmall wireless mobile phone Taobao, Alipay wallet, micro-blog, UCweb, Ali investment Youku, Yintai will join them.

at the same time, the strategic landing on the code Amoy and O2O will also play a role in the double 11. On the code Amoy, this year to sign up to participate in the double 11 shops will be opened through the package code to open the store marketing interaction – the user can scan the two-dimensional code on the package, to participate in store activities. At present, there are 18 stores using parcel service code.

in terms of O2O, offline shopping, Taobao travel, Taobao movie, Amoy, etc. are added to the double 11. Online mall will have 11 full back double recharge vouchers; Taobao will launch the movie fare is 11.11 yuan of the Lunar New Year blockbuster; Amoy is the consumer will issue 50 percent off vouchers, air tickets, hotels, local life will also provide a combination of goods.

third directions for the platform, will launch interactive games, red star and technology PK and other activities. This year’s double 11, Tmall will cooperate with 13 interactive game developers, game development according to the individual needs of fun, let consumers shopping and playing games.


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