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Micro-blog marketing will provide new impetus for the development of e-commerce

e-commerce and micro-blog should be said that the Internet is now hot. Speaking of micro-blog, is now known wurenbuxiao. Electronic commerce is a nationwide rapid development, and gradually into the field of Internet users, is a way of trading network essential enterprise, also be many Internet people a very promising industry.

micro-blog is defined as the micro blog, is a narrow version of the blog, which is characterized by simple and convenient, anytime, anywhere, you can achieve a real-time communication network communication. The micro-blog people can not only need a long and minute statement, but as long as there is some in two words or three; mobile phone terminal equipment can share their feelings and whenever and wherever possible the story with you, released the latest information at the first time. And its communication function is also huge, once users are concerned, it will spread throughout the internet. All in all, micro-blog has the advantage of low cost, rapid spread, strong interaction, and micro-blog’s professional classification, only interested in a business or a domain user will to pay attention to the related bloggers. Therefore, the spread of micro-blog era will be more precise and pure.

e-commerce, in fact, we are not unfamiliar, as early as Taobao, when the rise of Alibaba, but also shows that e-commerce has come to China, the following simple statement. The so-called e-commerce refers to the transaction will be moved to the Internet, to provide a platform for enterprises to display the network, is committed to the promotion of enterprises out for more people to know. E-commerce is the main part of the platform and promotion, e-commerce platform for enterprises to get access to the enterprise website, the platform will be to promote the enterprise. And there are many ways to promote, the effect is different; the better the effect of the promotion, will be able to bring more benefits to the enterprise. Micro-blog before the emergence of electronic commerce, there has been a lack of interaction problems, although a unidirectional type tool of communication, such as telephone, mail, QQ and so on, these are the lack of timely communication and exchanges in a wide range of areas.

can be seen from the above analysis of micro-blog and e-commerce, micro-blog marketing services in e-commerce, e-commerce development will be more perfect, more quickly. Below, we will be a simple e-commerce transactions are divided into 3 stages, namely pre-sale, sale, after sale, respectively, to see what micro-blog can do.

e-commerce transactions before sale: Here you assume that you have a strong enough micro-blog account. Micro-blog as a medium of communication, as long as you release a product advertising information through micro-blog, it can be in the 1s of your information to your potential customers. As long as your micro-blog content is attractive enough, as long as you have the needs of customers in this area, then they may become your customers. Compared with the traditional network marketing, if 1-3 months to do SEO work; if it is PPC ranking, it will spend a lot of money, but if it is here to spread through micro-blog, timeliness is just a click release of micro-blog’s 1s clock, and not too high cost of capital.

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