CO 12 steps to success

We often ignore the importance of mentoring in our careers. However, as the chief information officer of a company, it should also have the responsibility to bring their own experience and lessons learned in life, so that future decision-makers to share. As chief information officer, you should also leave yourself as the future leader of the successful experience of technology executives and designers. The following is the successful experience of Steve Williams, the chief information officer and senior vice president of a large retail business. At the age of 37, he became the youngest director of information technology in the $6 billion. Perhaps through his successful experience, you can make a good CIO.

1. comprehensive application of customer relationship management conceptsEach

2. do not use professional jargon
3. success, please remember that this is the team’s success
4. create service concept

in you directly under the jurisdiction of the staff, the first step of asking them to do in front of the customer service. You should build >


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