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From BMW luxury to buy a huge profit in the domestic LV gold bullion

group purchase is still the cake! Even now blossom everywhere situation, the profit space is still great. Of course, if you want to win the first prize must have a gimmick, and group purchase website in the originator is a gimmick lashou, from luxury to send to BMW, bustling awfully. While the network people unwilling to open channels, group purchase has been big, from the LV packet to Fengxiang 10g thousands of gold; a lot of people on the Internet burn perhaps only a vague concept, but to see these money promotions, I believe we have to move hundreds of millions of Internet investment is no longer surprised.


may be out of question to handle network luxury BMW operating opaque, people in the aspects of doing a more detailed, directly with the prize sample pictures, with LOGO company as the background, to get more realistic, also let users more faithful. Many people will this crazy promotion means as the group purchase site soliciting the final struggle, at first I also think so, but after careful consideration, found the problem and it is simple, as the beginning of the article said: group purchase is still

cake!If the

handle launched the "Crazy" if the group purchase the final struggle, there is no "Crazy" people do not reason, please believe that these giant profiteers look! So this is another reason behind the group purchase, profit space is still adequate, but also great! These sites why make such a crazy move is? Simple, you have to believe that businessmen will never do business at a loss, even BMW mansion, even LV bars, add up the money is just a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising


let’s make a note:

handles network, its home page right listed three lottery, a Shanghai mansion 540 thousand, 100 Ipad (price 4000 X 100), a BMW 3 Series (price 30-40 million), we are at the highest price, handle a total cost of 1 million 340 thousand, the mixed together, even if I were 2 million! (and maybe a mistake, remember last year and Beijing mansion, but also add up to about this figure.)

net, is currently three sweepstakes, 5 LV package (price 5350 X 5), 28 (880 X 28 Coach wallet price), 13 iPad (price 4000 yuan X, 28 (13) shuffle X 28 price of 398 yuan), 3 gold bars (price 3500 X 3) also, are in accordance with the highest price, the net total cost of 125 thousand yuan, the mixed together, we even 150 thousand or 200 thousand


OK, let’s take a look at the effect:

handle network: the number of participating house number 1178227, you can buy more, we count to 1 million; in 1215995 the number of iPad, the same is 1 million, BMW is also involved in an unknown number, 1 million, a total of 3 million.


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