Agents in China have killed countless deals

            once in 3 years ago, bought a domain name was bought at the time of the 500. Buy from a webmaster, the money has been paid. I asked them to transfer it to my agent account, but it was too late. Later asked agent. He said that no one had to turn around. My heart is ideal: I am ready to expand the site, I have an agent, why do I have to act under someone else’s agent. Repeated requests, he asked me to renew for 10 years to release.I am looking for business

when the site is bigger, also don’t know if he will be ready to turn away. Business China to these weihuzuochang spam agent, collusion. Under the control of domain renewal meager small profit.

            and later purchased the domain name, also encountered such a situation. Garbage agents are occupy the domain name, do not give them. So far, there are a few small domain name can not turn their agents.

            recently, he met the heinous thing. Have a friend, a higher ranking search sites, others fancy, ready to trade, to transfer to enom. Friends are doing this every day. First class is 7 days, the transfer is not successful. Asked the business, said the agency does not have permission. Another 7 days passed, or did not transfer success, the agent finally gave the transfer password. Wait 7 days, has not been successful, a question, only to know that business is automatically locked to the domain name every day, must be solved every day, in order to transfer. Ft!

      waited day after day, and so on the Yellow transaction, and so white hair, and so on, and so on the site.

was unsuccessful. One of the reasons: the agent said that the transfer can, to renew a year, in order to transfer, such as renewals, and told that it must be 60 days after the renewals. Can transfer. This is the rule.  

        sell station crazy. To buy the station. This is true, ah, after the death of commercial agents do not register domain name!!


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