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Double eleven electricity supplier showdown, pat micro shop this time how to play

DoNews October 24th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) new pat Network since the official on-line operation, has been moving frequently. Catch up in front of the double 11, pat on the line of a mobile terminal electricity supplier products pat micro shop, and said it would put the pat micro shop as a pat on the main position in the double 11.

pat micro shop is the first Tencent supplier’s WeChat built tools, electric Tencent thoroughly incorporated Jingdong, "pat micro shop" has become the Jingdong mall platform merchants built wireless tools.

specifically, pat micro shop is a help PC end pat businessmen to open shop in WeChat products, it opened, App, WeChat, PC, mobile phone QQ and other platforms, to help businesses set orders, customer service, user management, maintenance and other functions.

core gameplay: social + fans

pat Network president Ying Ying Chun said that during the 11 pat Network will launch a social + fans in the mobile side of the new gameplay. The core of social relationships is trust, hope that through this innovative products to become more warm and interesting shopping, no longer so cold."

therefore, pat Network on-line a flagship model of the fight to purchase mobile terminal products "take cheap", the product combined with the concept of social relations and friends and group purchase, through friends to share and fission, to achieve the best communication and sales value.

In addition to emphasizing social

, pat Network will also strengthen the economy by patting the micro shop fans. Kui Ying Chun believes that the platform promotion mode as the traditional planned economy, monopoly on traffic platform. But businesses will become new customers into fans, it will reduce the cost of the two marketing.

According to pat

introduced this year’s double 11, pat will be the main resources are put into the business of new and retained. Pat micro shop based on personal and enterprise businesses, can independently by micro-blog, WeChat, forums and other social platforms to attract fans, to establish contact with the fans, to launch promotions targeted for different types of fans.

concrete is played, pat micro shop in the double 11 campaign is divided into three stages: special events (November 1 – 9 days), the climax of the activity (10 November 12), Encore (November 18 – 21 days).

pat micro shop will focus on red fission and micro shop exclusive price campaign. All businesses in the warm-up period before the store red envelopes through WeChat, hand Q, Jingdong APP and other channels to spread open, but also may be unfamiliar street group, YY group to spread.

In addition, according to pat micro shop owner Guo Bin said, to pat the merchant in the wireless side of the advertising investment, will take 1:1 advertising subsidies, the amount of more than 100 million yuan ($).

micro shop advantage: zero threshold, low cost

for pat micro shop and other micro shop different, Guo Bin think the person in charge of Pat micro shop, pat micro shop with peers and competitors do not have four.


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