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Taobao shop system Amoy Amoy outside the first appearance of the network will be

December 18th ~20, the third session of the Alibaba network cargo Fair opened in Chengdu. At the meeting, China civilink released a grand designed for 2 million taobao.com sellers tailored Taobao store system in Amoy Amoy outside".


Amoy outside the appearance of the network will be

, according to the relevant person in charge of Taobao, Amoy Amoy outside is based on the development of Taobao shop outside the system, is one of the important part of the big Taobao strategy. The use of Amoy Amoy outside the store system Taobao sellers in the development of Taobao store sales at the same time, you can operate their own independent Taobao mall site. Currently, there are already more than 2000 sellers ordered Amoy Amoy outside Taobao store system. Amoy shop manager immediately attracted a large number of entry, Amoy shop manager as love website.

vice president of China yellow Navy unveiled in Amoy Amoy network

from shop to online store

Taobao Taobao store system is a seller from store sales into the mall brand marketing booster". Amoy outside the person in charge told reporters, Taobao has a large number of crown and diamond class credit seller, the seller has a wealth of Taobao sales experience and customer reputation. The use of Amoy Amoy outside will be attracted to the seller outside the network of Taobao shopping users log in outside the store, and direct transaction with buyers.

by opening up new channels to get more online shopping users, from a single Taobao store sales to the brand of service type network chain transformation, has become the consensus of Taobao sellers.

Chengdu appeared in the wash out of the field

Taobao lineage to help outside the store fast growth

and the seller to build their own online store is different, Amoy Amoy outside the store system is a new B2C service provided to the shop seller Taobao. To achieve a seamless Taobao shop and Taobao store merchandise data, the seller in the Taobao store baby data automatically updated to Amoy outside the amoy". Both Alipay, according to the transaction process of taobao.com trading.

Taobao outside the store system is zero threshold online mall system, Amoy Amoy outside the official said, the window of the management interface and mouse drag and drop maintenance, so that the seller can easily use Taobao stores. At the same time, enough to open the network marketing space, so that the seller has the opportunity to Taobao Baidu, Google search engine included.

more open more Taobao

Taobao store system super integrated hundreds of online Mall features, which are also sought after by the seller in Taobao mall service. For example, baby recommendation and display system, station search ranking system, online payment and customer service system, the article release and traffic statistics system. Support more than Taobao shop window display, slide and magnifying glass and other commodity display.

it is understood that the seller choose >


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