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Tmall businesses can report advertising comments but can not delete the score

October 9th news, Tmall and Taobao launched a new cooperation in the evaluation and reporting platform for businesses, since then, businesses have the right to report comments in advertising, pornographic information and political sensitive information, etc..

it is understood that, if you want to use this feature, the seller can enter the evaluation management – from the buyer’s evaluation, find the corresponding comments, click the button to report.

report, Tmall will review the second treatment in 2 working days, and feedback the results, businesses can be initiated report entrance position to see the results.

report path display figure

report shows the results of figure

Tmall official said, the current evaluation report function has not been formally launched in the test phase, so the first pilot is open to more than 30 thousand Tmall businesses. In the future, this platform will be open to the entire network of businesses, Taobao, Tmall businesses have the opportunity to use this feature."

it is understood that the user can report the authority to increase every day, and reporting functions will be formally launched in the near future.

has the authority of the business, the store can be reported in the past 90 days involving advertising information, pornographic information, involving political sensitive information content of the 3 categories.

the specific advertising information including but not limited to the following three types: 1) this has nothing to do with the goods or merchandise stores like selling information; 2) the goods sold or exchange of information; 3) mobile phone number, micro signal and privacy (contains sell information).

it is reported that the latter, Tmall, Taobao will also be based on market demand assessment, open other types of reports.

as a result of the evaluation of the report is not fully open to Tmall businesses, businesses need to be opened in the Tmall business forum to post messages in a specific format, in order to open the function.

it is worth noting that businesses to report the same comments only one chance, if the review does not involve illegal information, Tmall will determine the report is not established; report established, Tmall will shield improper comments, pictures, text commentary interpretation of content, the rest of the content to keep, and do not delete the corresponding score.


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