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Shenzhen cross-border electricity supplier eBay shop training commencement!

HI you! Before the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio on the eve of the opening, small side also give you a piece of good news is very important! Mierkat cross-border cross-border business training courses, launched after the Amazon based practical classes, Amazon precision marketing senior operation class, Wish based practical classes, the highly anticipated "eBay based on practical class" will commence on August 30th



whether you are traditional enterprises or entrepreneurs, if you are seeking new markets, are choosing cross-border electronic business platform, want to make more money more open shop on the same platform, then the eBay platform is a good choice! It covers more than and 200 countries and regions, the United States, Britain, Australia and Germany as the main in mature markets, the rise of Spain, France, Italy, is the Mexico national minority languages market. According to 2015 eBay Top 1000 sellers of data show that 30% of China, ranking first. At the same time, eBay has 380 million buyers, over 165 million active buyers… Well, it sounds like… Like Amazon, is the international status the obvious advantages of the platform. In fact, there are many Chinese early big sellers are starting from eBay, the eBay platform pays more attention to the mass products and multi store operation, suitable for the trade of the seller, and unique the auctions, the seller’s love is


want to relax gold on eBay? First sea cat meow Institute to participate in closed training for a period of 2 days. The sea cat meow, you can learn about the ebay9 system to solve the problems of the 47 knowledge points, comprehensive coverage of basic practical eBay platform! Some people may be worried about two days, such a short period of time how to master eBay? But you Xiaobian I can responsibly tell you, don’t worry. Can


what makes you so confident? As you see, we are the export of cross-border electricity supplier training "specialist", the level of teachers and teaching quality is absolutely guaranteed! To mierkat business school training students know that mierkat class standard is a combat instructors + + teaching + fine teacher, and in comfortable mierkat department. In this period, "eBay class" teaching practice, personally by senior lecturer at eBay Lancy. Teacher Lancy eBay engaged in operation for many years, have rich combat experience eBay account management, then she will make eBay system knowledge and practical skills unreservedly to you, even if you are a small white, also can quick start


training, sea cat has been very seriously, but also has focused on social services and training. When after the end of the training course, all students go through a rigorous examination of the administrator, can be unified into the sea eBay certified instructor Q group, students can freely between social interaction and exchange of learning. If there is a problem in the registration, there will be a teacher in charge of registration guidance is responsible for follow-up, necessary >


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