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Wang Fangfang analysis of the future development trend of medical network marketing

over the past year, medical network marketing is constantly growing, the medical institutions of fierce competition, gradually improve the search engine bidding mode change and costs, forcing the medical industry have opened up the new world, all kinds of marketing strategy to test the water and increase the team construction and investment, trying to find a new marketing mode for medical industry in the past the medical marketing team, and gradually improve, achievements have been made in the implementation of marketing. Policy short board makes many medical investors have to increase investment in the Internet market. Summing up the past, how should we face the brutal competition in new markets, how to look at the future prospects of the medical industry in the network environment.

1: PPC advertising model

search promotion is still occupying the hospital network into 50%-70%, because the search for the promotion of quick, good control, so many companies have to pay attention to the network marketing promotion, but single marketing mode does not make marketing effectiveness maximization, for example: Baidu search name itself the hospital could not find his official website even first? The page had to take a lot of negative information, crisis pr.

search to promote new ideas:

1, Baidu, Google, Sogou analysis, search and other mainstream search engine bidding model, input-output ratio in the past year, preferably through the analysis of similar hospitals, including what season on what search advertising is good, and the disease population, refinement promote analysis. For example: put Sogou more suitable for the man of disease and more young people of all ages to get soso.

2, a marketing team configuration master’s own understanding of the bidding, the hospital is the hospital and rival boss and the planner, the understanding of disease professional medical experts, the most understanding is bidding on the bidding specialist, so, how to combine the hospital itself on the search advertising, how to make the maximum output of search advertising effect it is self-evident. Out of the medical circle, the most professional bidding is nothing more than large enterprises, entities, similar medical groups, as well as Baidu customer service bidding.

3, do a good job bidding to follow up the effect: the monthly output ratio is the number of continuous adjustment of the promotion price, ranking order, as well as the time period put. If the conditions can also open multiple accounts to give the effect of contrast.

two, search engine content is king

search engine natural ranking competition will be more intense, the search engine for medical information in order to speed up the collection, it can be seen that the number of annual increase in the number of hospitals, web sites are rapidly increasing. A lot of people found that the key words of intense competition, before a simple article through the first page, and now it is difficult to do even the home page. Part of the rankings are Baidu’s own know, stick it, Wikipedia, and the door occupied.

search engine natural ranking new ideas:

1, the hospital needs to have an independent website

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