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Where the culture of heterogeneous wind up the militarization of the management of distribution


wind as general manager Li Hongyi

where the most impressive is the service, this service is one of the benchmark characteristics is wind up delivery. The independent business, has become one of the most potential core assets, customer, and military management methods, let the wind up all guest and the formation of the culture of the different style. Many commercial enterprises have also come to wind up to help them do the distribution, as the wind will not be fully independent development even listed? This is a topic with imagination.

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Vintage speak several stories

this is the background of the interview, a week ago in the old media and CEO in the teeth of the storm Eslite conducted a communication, logistics and distribution business mentioned many times during the independent wind up where the customer’s. The wind up of general manager Li Hongyi is excellent in the old old colleagues, about Li Hongyi and the wind up of the unique style, the old speak so few stories.

where the customer was established, as the patriarch join Li Hongyi responsible for the third party logistics, warehouse and cooperation, 2008 Shanghai warehouse was stolen, although this is a great little things, but the fundamental reason is that the old Li Hongyi management problems, find Li Hongyijin talk.

the conversation is only a minute, Chen said to Li Hongyi, "you Shanghai warehouse stolen, you leave the warehouse, you go to have a courier company". Li Hongyi’s face was white and he went out without a word. 100 thousand yuan is holding the old money, he made a wind up.

a dozen people from April 2008 to now, the size of 3000 people, has become the wind up the courier industry a dark horse, for every guest more than 60% distribution. But the beginning time even period of time, such as the Darien wages are not sent out, to apply to the headquarters for 50 thousand yuan Pitiao also no echo.

the tragic history of Li Hongyi recalls the annual meeting said in a business, with some director Li Hongyi do not cry, the audience has said "old too bad", some people say "who dare to offend our Chen, whom I urgently".

wind up business in Fengtai District, sometimes old to find Li Hongyi meeting, found that there is a camera in the shooting is often followed, after the shooting, Li Hongyi let the carved disc to the delivery of the site, requiring employees to Study hard. Old wonder, how to make such a Internet Co, sometimes put the camera away, Li Hongyi asked a man and his meeting.


sometimes also can see the wind up of internal shooting video: Li Hongyi on stage to webmaster employees propaganda, "the company in order to reduce costs, reduce the percentage of each package after 1 dollars, you say?" the whole answer unexpectedly: "good!" the old exclamation, actually cut "


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