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Jumei.com PO before selling suffered questioned lowest whole network accused of false propaganda

The jumei.com

IPO rumors came from selling questioned. BELLE’s excellent shopping mall fashion said in a statement released yesterday, jumei.com launched the "four anniversary BELLE shoes spring special in the famous sale channel, but excellent purchase as the BELLE brand unique network of sales and distribution channels, and jumei.com has never had any cooperation, has never been available to jumei.com. Beijing Business Daily reporter as of press time, jumei.com has not yet made an official response to this.

yesterday, BELLE’s excellent shopping mall fashion statement, said jumei.com recently launched BELLE anniversary sale of goods involving infringement page. Beijing Daily reporter login jumei.com found the site’s four anniversary BELLE shoes spring special total of 100 women’s shoes commodities, according to the information provided excellent shopping areas, including 74 as excellent purchase custom designed pin money, not on other sites without the cooperation of sales.

and BELLE, nor any other company in cooperation with jumei.com, for delivery. Excellent shopping network also said the jumei.com activities all product images are favorably purchase pirates, some of the goods purchase price is higher than optimal, "said the United States together against the lowest whole network, is suspected of false propaganda.

Beijing Daily reporter yesterday afternoon login jumei.com found in the "spring slipper" BELLE shoes special promotional activities, all goods are displayed "steal", including a beige leather shoes wax "page in the" lowest whole network ", the sale price of 499 yuan. The same paragraph shoes in the purchase price of 378 yuan.

yesterday evening, Beijing Daily reporter once again log on to the website, found that the active page has disappeared, jump to the jumei.com web site today sale home. Although jumei.com has not released an official response, but insiders believe that jumei.com is currently not on sale as BELLE products, so there is no problem selling fakes, and said it was "a misunderstanding". However, excellent shopping areas, said it would retain the next step in legal proceedings for the rights for the fake jumei.com BELLE shoes sales situation.

after the news, jumei.com will be in the United States IPO later this year, has been approached, including Goldman and other investment banks, credit suisse. However, since the creation of jumei.com, its supply problem is of concern. Although jumei.com has combined more than and 60 domestic and foreign cosmetics companies jointly launched Chinese cosmetics genuine coalition security code system, but still can not explain the large number of low-priced beauty big sample came from. Some analysts believe that the source of goods has become the largest jumei.com listed in front of uncertain factors.


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