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Ali CEO Zhang Yong the essence of consumption and entertainment are electricity providers

Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong


technology news November 11th evening news, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong Beijing eleven home court said in an interview, Zuozhuang never bet, double eleven is not over, don’t predict the double eleven transactions this year. Zhang Yong said that consumption and entertainment are essentially digital electricity supplier category, had never thought the Internet can also play.

It is reported that this year, Zhang Yong

, is the first time to the identity of the CEO group duzhan double eleven. He said the biggest feeling is Knowledge has no limit., after Ali Youku’s fold, entertainment and electricity supplier integration is the need to learn. This year, Tmall double eleven party broke out a very big energy. Zhang Yong said, the eleven party double opening program, Jolin endorsement of Shanghai Jahwa, opening in the double eleven Shopping Festival, 8 times before the flow rate reached the.

Zhang Yong said that in 2015 there are two highlights of the double eleven. The first is the wireless terminal, this year eleven is in the face of mobile traffic peak, 0 points when opening, more than 80% users visit Tmall through the mobile phone, so far, wireless transactions accounted for eleven of the two has been stable at about 7 into. In order to ensure that the eleven day of the mobile terminal is not a problem, Ali prepared for a long time, it turned out to be very correct. Secondly, positioning Tmall this year is the global shopping carnival, about 20 thousand international brands to participate in the double eleven, there are already 30 million of the users to buy international products, many overseas buyers of goods in the double eleven morning has been sold out. Zhang Yong said that due to Ali sold off at 4 in the afternoon before the start of the overseas consumers, the double is not yet the end of the fact that, so far, there are 232 countries to participate in the Tmall dual.

Zhang Yong revealed that the double eleven, Ali applied for the world record of the 8 Guinness, including cars, milk and other categories.

Zhang Yong Ma, also expressed concern about logistics. "There are definitely the test this year, in fact, the annual logistics are going through exams, the annual peak will become second years of constant. Last year, 270 million of the package has two of the year, this year is not the end of the double, the package has gone to the, Zhang Yong said, said: eleven.

on the Internet for double eleven questioned, Zhang Yong responded that such a large number of double will face the question of the eleven, every year, next year will not be an exception".


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