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VR+ electricity supplier, crack the flow dividend depletion of the new trend

VR, there is no doubt that the intelligent mobile phone after another enough exciting revolutionary technology products, even just as soon after the college entrance examination in Zhejiang province will be VR as visible as the subject, VR is not popular, but notorious.

of course, the VR brings immersive experience, it was also optimistic about the game in all walks of life, such as the entertainment industry has long been one step ahead of the game led by HTC Vive, VR devices Oculus Rift is touted by industry, including Samsung, SONY, millet and HUAWEI are actively layout of the VR industry, Google also introduced the name "Daydream" (daydream) VR platform.

I believe that in the current VR technology, in addition to the game industry to be able to fall outside, another VR+ electricity supplier field also has a good fit. Personally think that the so-called fit, in addition to the electricity supplier VR+ has enough selling point, because early VR technology is not mature, resulting in a higher standard has some industrial and medical, education and other fields do not have the conditions to popularize, the electricity supplier and the combination of VR technology because of the low degree of difficulty, and the fault rate is large enough, have a very good development space.

of course, this combination is also extremely urgent real needs: because the electricity supplier industry has begun to enter the midlife crisis.

business crisis: the end of the age of 40

traffic bonusOver the past few years were

, Chinese Internet has undergone enormous changes, and this change is from the way people acquire information and extend to the office, entertainment, travel, and consumption. Among them, the Internet for the reform of consumption patterns can be fruitful to Ali, Jingdong led the Internet business has occupied a pivotal position in the field of social consumption.

like the old man died, the electricity supplier industry after a period of sweet years, its growth is gradually slowing down.

from the beginning of 2015, declining Ali electricity supplier business GMV growth, 2015 Q1 quarter, Ali GMV (total transaction amount) 600 billion yuan, an increase of 40%; Q2 GMV quarter of 787 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 34%; Q3 quarter, Ali GMV reached 713 billion yuan, with an increase of 28%; Q4 GMV for the 742 billion quarter, Ali an increase of 24%. From Ali’s GMV performance in 2015, year on year decline in the growth rate has not been an example, almost a sign of the electricity supplier industry slowdown trend.

, the Jingdong GMV growth also showed a slowing trend, although occasional fluctuations, but does not affect the overall trend of judgment. The relevant data Analysys think tank also confirmed the fact that business growth fell from 116% in 2015 to 33.9% now.

behind the slowdown in the electricity supplier business, which is the domestic Internet users seepage >


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