T digital shop how to promote the network

Hello, I am the wind leaf Gu City, in charge of Taobao Cenda digital flagship store sales of mobile hard disk, three days ago an article "shop operators to promote the inevitable market analysis", the friend posted accusations, the pure nonsense, if you say to do, or do not good, I am afraid not so simple products do market analysis. Here, I would like to add that the point of view of the article is not authoritative, only as an exchange of experience. However, if a friend going through the shop to do business, I would still recommend that, in the shop before, should be a location of all aspects of the packaging of their products, find the breakthrough point of their next operation.

okay, don’t talk nonsense. Led by the instructions, these days have been familiar with the company’s product information, Taobao rules. And do not say to IT digital industries have little understanding, however, but an interesting phenomenon was found on Taobao, Taobao train "mobile hard disk" word bid up to 4 blocks, and other terms, price or cold or hot, so many sellers almost a state of madness.

why this is the case, of course, the reason is simple, because the popularity of each entry represents the consumer spending habits, natural who robbed the first, the greater the chance of buying and selling. However, another way to think, we will find that the popular entry over stir, has formed a distorted market competition, the ultimate beneficiaries of only one person, that is Taobao. If there is a sell house atmosphere thick, can have been occupying more popular entries, natural that he can also be included in the second beneficiary, but this possibility is very little.

so, as the IT digital shop how to promote effective flow and conversion rate? In my opinion, some methods are very simple.

first, buy IT digital products of different FMCG so casually, like buying clothes, not the right can be lost while the re purchase, but IT digital products may not, in many people’s view, IT digital products can also be included in the ranks of luxury goods, buy should treasure, pay strict attention to the quality and use of feelings, or bad will heartache. (this is what I want in yesterday afternoon for customer experience, access to a number of buyers feel so), from such a consciousness, as the seller should recognize that consumers demand for products is very high, except for the positioning of consumers to purchase this product, his mental state and how these factors. As long as want grasp well, perhaps there may be repeat.

may have friends will say, repeat which is so easy to produce oh? I want to explain is that as the IT digital products online customer service quality should be far higher than other industries and customer service, its own knowledge level is far more than that to understand the scope of the product itself. I take Cenda digital flagship store as an example, the main product is a mobile hard drive, its brand and reputation are well-known brands in the industry, so as to do what the customer service should be: A. familiar with the product >


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