CPC click on ads to make people happy

Introduction: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPS, CPE… This simple a few letters, constitute the key words of online advertising, promotional activities, SEO, word of mouth / soft Wen communication… These words have gradually become the site operators often say the words. This issue I will discuss with you the status of CPC click advertising:

in addition, click on the ad click rate decreases. In 1999, "the BANNER ad click rate is usually up to 10% ~ 30%, now, most exquisite hushanhushan FLASH ad click rate is less than 0.5%. Although the total amount of Internet advertising is still a strong upward trend, but it is clear that the effect of clicking ads is increasingly questioned.

search engine click advertising and website click on ads

now click on the ads are usually from the carrier to the main is a few search engine service providers and many other sites of the two camp. From the audience point of view, whether it is GOOGLE keyword advertising, or Baidu PPC, these search engines click ads targeted strong, usually the user has the purpose of search behavior. Click on the ordinary web site is not necessarily the case, perhaps the browser to see the BANNER attractive point to go in, but most of the clicks of the browser should still be interested in the content of the ads.

click on the ads to advertisers have strong pertinence and effectiveness of the search engine, click fraud, malicious click, click fraud will follow. There are 4 main sources of malicious clicks:


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