Has anyone ever told you to be a Taobao

September, Taobao is the season began, many dispensers may not be ready to how to operate their own Taobao store. Taobao Homme a lot, but many dispensers are lack of ideas methods of operation of the store, so a few months or even shut down the business is bad.

A lot of methods to teach you

online shop, but mostly the shopkeeper is not very well understood or useless. This is not to talk these ideas and practical promotion methods hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, but effectively introduced Taobao shop operators, the hope can help in the confusion in the Taobao manager.


first step: background analysis

analysis 1: market analysis

analysis key: search index, compared to the same period

analysis: market analysis is to look at the change of the market, such as their category a year of big changes in the search index, compared with last year is increasing or decreasing. After understanding these quotes, you can have a grasp of the overall market, but also know how their stores are in the current situation.

analysis dimension 2: Shop analysis

analysis key: number of visitors, views, turnover and other

analysis: this part mainly look at some of the daily data of the shop, such as the number of visitors, visitors, jump loss rate, length of stay, turnover, turnover and other data, see what data do better, what data need to focus on the promotion is not very good. Data analysis can use some third party tools, which is suitable for their own.

analysis dimension 3: audience analysis

analysis key: age, gender, geographical and other

analysis: this part of the main analysis of the purchase of our products is what kind of customers, you can search through the function of the crowd to analyze.

analysis dimension 4: product analysis

analysis key: determine the main push product

analysis: this part of the main analysis of their own store products, so as to determine the main push products and price positioning. And from the customer preferences, product innovation, price, brand, selling price, compared with similar products, their products will analyze why the hot, hot time will continue long, how to look for alternative products selling.

train here to share with you my thoughts, first find the data, recommend the business staff more convenient, and then combined with the data of their baby choose several key baby to the main push, the main push of the general control in the 3-5, also take several auxiliary promotion, then set up a shop full of long tail promotion. These words selection, mainly in accordance with our ideas, manual promotion more trouble, you can try to use the train software.

second step: Shop optimization adjustment

this step is more clear, mainly shop


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