Good dog O2O, pet business rise

whether it is desire, or disregard, the traditional pet franchise stores and related industries are facing such a realization: the user is a large number of migration from the Web to the Mobile end. No matter you are big giant, or small and beautiful, can go on in this big trend, will determine the future is in the "tide", or "wave base". According to industry insiders, due to pet consumption is mostly based on the nearest consumer, therefore, compared to other industries, community pet shops and pet hospitals electricity supplier transformation is lagging behind a lot. The person even admitted, the pet industry has missed the best time, the traditional business transformation to catch up from behind, from the breakthrough of mobile Internet start-ups is undoubtedly the best choice. "After all, it’s a whole new area, and we all stand together."


, Beijing, Ding Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Liu Zhixiong said, "the mobile Internet is the trend and the transformation of the electricity supplier in the future, because the pet industry, the biggest feature is with the location information to the online and offline resources perfect link, can perfectly meet the users nearby consumption demand. It is no exaggeration to say that the phone is born with a strong vitality of the O2O platform, to the pet industry to bring more exciting innovation and application. On the other hand, with the increasing isolation of urban life, coupled with a variety of pressure increases, raising pet dog has become one of the most popular urban mainstream domestic leisure lifestyle. In this trend, a pet dog population will not only more and more young, and they hope their pet dogs can live more healthy, more fashionable, and give yourself and family fun. It is based on this judgment, we launched the first Chinese pet industry with O2O community electricity supplier gene APP applications – good dog around."

data show that China has about 100 million pet dogs, while the pet consumer market in 2012 has reached the scale of 50 billion yuan. In the face of such a huge market, "good dog." in order to achieve the O2O community to break through, first, with the orientation of innovation and application to attract massive pet families to register, secondly, the need to build a more perfect O2O platform around, including search engine, found LBS, electronic commerce, community friends, social media multi support; thirdly, to downstream industries, the pet industry to work together to build a complete ecological system. In this sense, ‘good dog side’ is an image of APP applications, but in essence it is a community with a large network of genes O2O ecological chain."

it is understood that the "good dog." a combination of mobile phone positioning function, can provide abundant information for the businesses surrounding the service user is accurate, has been covering the dog, hospital supplies, fitness, beauty, photography, dating more than ten kinds of breakdown service. At the same time, in order to allow the dog family to have more


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