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A business service provider blood experience why always do!

many times, I wonder why my company can not be listed?

in my opinion, the degree of NB of my team, more than many of our services listed companies or large companies in traditional industries are dozens of times.

and we’re still in the practice of "one who does not work hard to do the true saying creative", and traditional enterprises, is a rather baffling ten hundred million years. I am not aware of this.

let me laugh is that the traditional business to do their own electricity suppliers are basic dishes. This is a happy thing.

why do they do not raise electricity supplier


then, I give a few examples of very aggressive, so that the electricity supplier who readily readily grass root.

has been in the proposal, has never been out of the street

because many solutions to a yamen, a layer to pass, such as double 11 marketing, in September began the bitter forced to write, or the last entry missed, because "the leaders are who are" dozens of leading delay can’t decide what to engage in double 11.

a lot of time to write programs to change the program becomes much more important than the implementation. For example, the operation and implementation strategies of each region of the product of each stage of the festival. Mr. Huang! Come on, write a plan. Teacher Huang Hao retreat for half a year, finally write out.

the first half of the year to write the activities have been missed when he modified the program after six months, it took six months. At this time, the new program, and TM to……


story is in vain, to tell a truth: many schemes are specious writing too many planes, the pursuit of the scheme is triggered at any moment, integrity, as the first play test, because nobody can go to determine consumer preferences. Do you think the plan is perfect and a lot of time in the Psycholagny okay!

process is particularly complex, especially

in addition to open-ended program writing process, and not touch experience.

once, the planning department proposed to drill a large explosion detonated, apply for money. The results are over, the money is still in the Ministry of finance audit. Wait until the spring of second, financial department issued a letter before the payment requisition, the wrong format, please re submit……

a lot of department useless, what financial processes, approval process, registration process, God knows shit is not even submitted a toilet use budget time registration form……

and then worry too much, consider the brand, but also sales, consider profit, but also burst. Not afraid of inventory activities, even unsalable. Daily life in the tangle of self affirmation and self denial, may also be because of bureaucratic too much, a person with a view to often end up quitting. Today, the decision of the program, tomorrow to overthrow the day after tomorrow and want a new program to see.

baby details page many times a change is half


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