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Home Furnishing industry double 11 net sales of three big shady exposure

57 billion 100 million yuan, 278 million packages, the Alibaba is listed after the first "double 11" produce impressive transcripts, Home Furnishing industry is also rewarding: Lin wood, Carolina textile, all friends Home Furnishing respectively to fourth, eighth and tenth places very close to TOP10, Home Furnishing five brand sales exceeded 100 million yuan. According to informed sources, these bright sales figures may not be completely true, hidden behind a single brush, price, store three single shady. Some businesses use the whole solution to increase sales, just to get a top ranking in order to achieve the purpose of taking the opportunity to hype.


single brush shady

single brush, is involved in the "double 11" net sales of many brands a secret. In addition to the people who have had their own brush before, this year also emerged brush Alliance – a single brush company. A single brush for the prevalence of sales figures a lot of water, shady become the brunt of Tmall "double 11" in network marketing.

called brush single, refers to a single way to increase sales by way of artificial online. In previous years, Tmall "double 11" activities, a single brush is the main way to mobilize staff and dealers nationwide brush manufacturers to operate, ability is limited and the slightest mistake is likely to be found this year, many businesses such as single brush to a professional brush, brush can be said that God knows. As early as the double 11 more than a month ago, the major brush single alliance has been active in QQ, YY Union and Sina, micro-blog and other social platforms, recruiting part-time as double 11 large-scale brush ready. It is understood that the alliance of large scale, single brush brush hand organized, the formal appointment will go through professional training, for a few minutes at least, browse the baby through several baby, collection of shops envelopes, chat and other false and customer service processes have strict requirements, brush out sales and praise is very realistic. This year, Tmall for "double 11" activities set up several statistical data point, there is a brand in the whole day no contribution, 18 sales suddenly bubbled up, probably because of the single brush.

Tmall for the manufacturer’s advertising and traffic support is based on increased sales, if there is no such support, sales will not be good. This mechanism will induce racing businesses scramble, in order to get more resources and in the "double 11" day position advantages, some businesses at special brush brush." A brand, said brush single army has not satisfied with the pre-sale and sales of various branches of the field speculation, it is the target of the shopping cart. As a result of competition and ranking up scalping businesses angrily pointed out that after a merchant brush single climbed up the top, and even began to sell off the hands of devoid of any sense of shame scalping places, "said a shopping cart 0.2 yuan, can be ranked by the merchants of the rankings brush up". Blue Peng lawyer Wang Zhirong pointed out that through the brush making a false sales is essentially a kind of advertising fraud, violation of the consumer’s right to know, "consumers not only to the commodity content itself on its sales has the right to know".


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