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Excellent purchase of online shopping after the end of the fraud call

consumers are cheated 80 thousand yuan false customer service hundreds of people have similar experiences

Mr. Shi said

consumer shopping in a company called "excellent shopping mall fashion" business on the site after receiving phone calls from criminals, being cheated 8 yuan. Reporters learned that there is a similar encounter consumers more than mr.. The website said, will not take the initiative to disclosure of consumer information, the lawyer said the website did not inform obligation should bear the corresponding responsibility.


case called "wholesale into account" took the opportunity to defraud

, according to Mr. Shi readme, in April 25th, he purchased a pair of sports shoes in the excellent purchase orders and received goods. The evening of May 21st, he received a phone call claiming excellent network staff. The other side of the time to buy my goods, order number, address and other content, are on the. Then he said that my account will be added to the wholesalers account, every year from my bank card to go 9600 dollars, it is recommended that I cancel as soon as possible." Because the other side of his very personal information, Mr. Shi reduced vigilance, "he asked me which of the use of bank card shopping, said there will be bank staff to contact me."

about 5 minutes later, Mr. Shi received a number of calls to a display for a bank starts with 9 customer service, the other advised him to a nearby ATM machine on business operation. Then in the "staff" step by step under the guidance of Mr. Shi will own bank card more than 2 yuan and bound in Alipay account more than 6 yuan all put to the so-called "security accounts".

turn over the account, the more the more wrong Mr. Shi, after the Internet search found a lot of excellent shopping network customers said recently received a telephone fraud.

case two phishing sites scam

lied transaction failure

another consumer, Ms. Han also after the purchase of online shopping fraud received a phone call. She bought a T-shirt on the site in April 30th, the goods have not yet received, in May 8th received a call to buy a customer service staff call, the other equally accurate to say her personal information. They said that because the platform failure, resulting in the payment did not succeed, you need a refund after the re order." This time Ms. Han also to buy page verification, half believe and half doubt, because the order status does show "has not yet shipped, combined with each other have their own information, she for gospel truth. Ms. Han click into the other side of emails into a link, and excellent shopping network page according to the requirements as like as two peas, then enter the bank card information, the card 5 yuan was gradually turn away.

reporter learned that, after the incident, Ms. Han and other similar consumers have spontaneously set up activist groups, there are hundreds of people in the group. At present, Ms. Han, who has been the police, the police have been investigating the matter.

in response to

website denied intentional disclosure of information

reporter on the phone yesterday to call excellent customer service hotline, the staff said that the recent receipt of some consumers report, received the risk


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