Reflections on Taobao trillion


with "double eleven" and "19 billion 100 million" brilliant come round about e-commerce and traditional business growing debate, when Wang Jianlin and Ma Yun’s "100 million bet bet will put the debate once again to a climax. If we do not explore this bet who is the final winner about, but we need to discuss is the first form of e-commerce is not to subvert the traditional business, the social development of the most fundamental is to subvert an industry, a field and a model to complete the


to discuss this issue, a fact that we must first confirm that Ma Yun’s "19 billion 100 million" enterprises have got much benefit, as in the process of social development, the development of productive forces and production relations is one of the most important symbol, the emergence of the Internet is considered to be a new industrial revolution, the key is to he will bring a hitherto unknown change in productive forces and production relations of the original in a large extent, but this change did not completely disappear for productivity. The development of enterprises must first have the profit guarantee, profit as a business process he will serve to maintain, help the enterprise brand product updates, technology updates, the development of productivity and so on, but today we see the social scene is Taobao’s "19 billion 100 million" and many private enterprises have closed down.

most of the time our experts have blamed the closure of a large number of private enterprises is lack of economic model, so we can not deny the existing economic environment led to the real economy appears to be weak on speculation preference, but we need to ask for the root cause real economy weak is what? Because the real economy and security. Taobao pattern kill enterprise profit space, copycat tendency of private enterprises not only did not decrease, but more serious, plagiarism and piracy has become the main means of reducing development costs, while Taobao has become the most powerful support places a copycat culture. Innovation and upgrading of the industry, will lose his most instinctive commercial space. At this time, we should think the traditional economic squeeze all the consequences, is a kind of flame, homogenization of flame, and finally to the backward process of labor productivity sacrifice. And when all this disappears, private enterprises can only choose to close the door. This is the fate of Taobao.

from the Huadu practice we can see is a lot of private bag factory is completely deviated from the inception of the idea, there are few brands are willing to complete the brand design, independent development and innovation; replication and copycat has been gradually recognized in the growth of enterprises, so every day Huadu enterprise to open up, there are more every fall, the transition process in Huadu upgrade, Shiling Town government invested a lot of manpower and financial resources to carry out rectification of copycat and low productivity, but it has not been effectively improved, there have been companies from the original track, back to the root cause which led to copycat, such behavior is the popular culture such as Taobao copycat, weakening the industry association and discourse to the influence of traditional economy will be more and more big, the traditional business The area is not a change in the business model


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