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Retail giants compete to create a domain O2O site model innovation

in creating cloud business model, Suning expansion of the momentum and aimed at life. In January after the acquisition of full network, Suning has long premeditated local life service will achieve a breakthrough. Su Ning, general manager of the local life division Feng Xiaohai said, the future will be in Suning stores within 3-5 km to set up local life values, through cross industry cooperation, within the District restaurant service format and Suning stores can share data resources.

in fact, in the background of deepening the O2O business model, "values" concept has become the new darling of many retail companies. By sanpower group, Golden Eagle Group and the new group and other enterprises funded by the district network backdoor Mcglaughlin became the stocks of listed companies; Ali also cooperate with the government to build Hangzhou Wulin for future shopping".

manufacturing district

is the founder and general manager of manzuo Suning local life division Feng Xiaohai said, Suning local life service will be mainly to the full network image, full network is developing a new version of App, the product will rely on the advantages of Suning stores, with stores within 5 kilometers around the radiation radius of the establishment of local life service district that will be near restaurants, beauty salons, fitness and leisure and many other formats of resources in tandem with Suning stores, open integration, data sharing.

"the future consumers alone Suning membership card, you can go to a restaurant nearby to enjoy preferential, Su Ning in the wall will also see the promotional message near the store, through cross industry cooperation, and between businesses and Suning businesses and businesses can not only enhance the consumption of each drainage, the user stickiness, but also get to show each other advertising opportunities." Feng Xiaohai, on a voluntary basis, business cooperation plan and business circle around 30%-40%, the catering business will account for a large proportion of different types of businesses will form a line under the "network alliance", realize the sharing of resources within the region. First consider the pilot cities including Beijing, Guangzhou and Nanjing.

Ovid consulting analyst Guo Zhangyou believes that the proposed Suning district is a breakthrough in O2O of Suning, Suning has enriched the connotation of O2O strategy, the local life is a characteristic exploration.


relative to the already mature group buying industry, Suning business advantage lies behind a strong group of ecological chain. Although the U.S. group, the public comment can be combined through App near idle away in seeking pleasure, but now for the full network platform is Su Ningyun, supporting the Suning Tesco Shi, Suning supermarket, Suning Internet, Suning financial facilities and behind it. The latest data show that the number of Suning stores nationwide 1583. In the industry view, if the means of the Internet will be Suning stores to expand into a business district, the formation of a sustainable business model, it is possible to open a new situation Suning O2O.

Feng Xiaohai said that based on the electricity supplier’s open pattern, Suning ecological environment to help businesses achieve sustainable development within the business district. Through the store diversion, business management level can be effective >


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