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Vice president of the United States online Peng Liang e-commerce into the United States core busines

editor’s note: 2013 Chinese Internet entrepreneurs conference in May is about to start, in order to show the global Chinese community style, the Organizing Committee of the general assembly (http://s.2013.loohua.com/) combined spray DoNews, network and other media together to create a "global Chinese community billboard" series of interviews. The following is an interview with reporters connecting the United States E station record.

Q=2013 Internet entrepreneurs (webmaster) conference organizing committee

A= Peng Liang, vice president of the United States online, spokesman


figure: United States E station team

Q: the United States E standing in the global Chinese charts – vertical list voting is currently ranked first to see us. I would like to ask you is how to promote, to attract users to vote it? Can share your promotion experience?

A: first thank the members of the United States e station early support, we do a lot of preparatory work before the start of the early voting in the Forum on banner for preheating, and reported in the media, then every day with the user to interact, to encourage them to vote and advertise to friends, word of mouth should not be overlooked. When you do, everything is natural.

Q: Gome E station and Gome relationship is

A: E (bbs.gome.com.cn) is Gome Gome group integrated electricity supplier website Gome online (formerly Gome online mall) official forum, the group of the United States online line 80 million of the members of the user interaction in the platform can purchase experience, better quality of service.

Q: can briefly introduce the future development direction of the United States E station, as well as the specific development plan?

At the beginning of the

A: e line is to do a good job in the vertical operation of the content, so that users and the site has a good communication environment, is committed to providing users with a more comprehensive quality services. In this plan we have also done a micro innovation, recently on the line integral mall Gome e station, the different points mall and other industries in the same site, we like to do an open platform to do this integral mall, here most commodities will be composed of third party merchants or website, we provide high-quality user and promotion. In the US, in the business, users will reach three win-win. At the same time, the United States e station will rely on the United States and the United States group of high-quality resources in the future with the United States online mall integration get through, then you can provide a huge amount of user resources for e stations.

Q: just past 2012 is full of opportunities and challenges of the year. On the one hand, Chinese users slowdown, is becoming saturated; on the other hand, accelerate the popularization of mobile devices, mobile Internet users increased significantly; do you change how to deal with the Internet environment? The development status of your website last year.


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