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– 2 million Party sellers online treasure double 12 pit run electricity supplier

September 22, 2015, the electricity supplier treasure held for the first time millions of business party, for the participants to bring the opportunity to cross regional exchanges across classes. The gathering attracted eighteen electronic business platform, the seller came to the 200 million party. A small platform from the industry show in platform and participate in the activities of the rules to the sellers, and sellers to communicate with each other and operating experience, learned a lot of pain point sellers. Then the second platform made said to the presence of the seller who opened a green channel entrance registration activities, and give the seller a "double eleven" 1000 event free pit.

November 18, 2015, the electricity supplier treasure will once again force the seller to prepare for the double 12". Together with the major electricity supplier platform to expand more in-depth strategic cooperation, the seller once again brought millions of sellers gathered exchange event. In this event, according to the relevant partners revealed: the intensity of the activity is far greater than the last time, because the platform includes: the second teaching experience of training institutions, training system, giving corresponding activities pit bit, open in Easy Access and will review and release a lot of shops selling home must service software, printer, iPhone6s and so on.

in addition, the conference also received numerous network media support and sustained attention, the following is the meeting list: media cooperation, billion state power sent on behalf of the network, and sellers published A5 owners, electricity supplier network etc..

PC and the mobile era, the eye of the storm, listen to the voice of the most valuable industry leader, to make a user feel exposure, the forefront of the industry, leading the hot topics, interact online and offline to work together to achieve the industry leader.

theme: Double eleven, twelve

admission baptism

time: November 2015 18-24

location: electricity supplier treasure line tens of thousands of people


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