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The new vip.com App warehouse appeared to sell flowers poop poop

news December 24th, billion state power network that vip.com recently launched a low-key sale electricity supplier based on mobile terminal platform "Hua Haicang" brand positioning, sale.

, according to insiders, vip.com, from July this year, began to test the operation of the warehouse. Vip.com App is separated and the main area, flowers warehouse platform mainly selling "poop poop", which vip.com itself has the goods, but also some of the commercial brands to provide targeted.



noted billion state power network, the sea warehouse line on the platform of clothing, outdoor sports, jewelry accessories, shoes and bags, general merchandise, apparel, baby Home Furnishing, digital electronic appliances, cosmetics and many other categories of goods. Including Nike, Kappa, Gloria, La Natsu Bell, younger brother, FILA, a number of brands are in the sale of goods.


is currently in the sale of commodities to understand, compared to vip.com, Huahai warehouse overall price lower, mostly in the 200 yuan. But also a special on-line flowers warehouse overseas purchase area, the area of the line only senior leather brand Longchamp (Longchamp) series of products.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in the flowers before the warehouse, actually has a lot of domestic companies targeting the super Weihuo market, such as electricity generation operation giant LUNYUAN’s "crazy to sell off", and was officially founded in this year’s "Mulan bin". According to the data disclosed in the treasure Zun IPO prospectus, on-line less than a year, selling crazy App in 2014, GMV has reached 33 million 900 thousand yuan in the first quarter of 2015, GMV reached RMB 22 million 500 thousand yuan.


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