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Foxconn battles the electricity supplier at least three obstacles

introduction: in the field of electricity providers defeated the manufacturing giant Foxconn, so drastic, it can hit a turnaround?


from Hangzhou to Taiwan to accompany Ma Terry Gou, one for three consecutive days and Ma "inseparable", the other side is completely shut down at Tmall mall opened in less than two years Foxconn official flagship store "rich networking, which launched the independent domain name alone operation, and said to go beyond the high-profile Jingdong in three years. In the field of business failures of manufacturing giant Foxconn, so drastic, it can hit a turnaround?

as a typical foundry enterprise, Foxconn is unwilling to permanent wedding dress, in order to solve the bottleneck in the foundry business, Terry Gou has been planning a factory opened up with consumer channel — Foxconn four stores + a website, the whole system of consumer channels, and officially launched in 2010. In this system, including Foxconn and Metro cooperation, Italy online with Gome and Suning against the "million city"; "cyber digital square" as the main IT stores; in the supermarket as the carrier of the "daring digital"; and cover the following three line city "and Ten thousand steeds gallop. online e-commerce stores; the channel is the" Flying Tiger Tesco ".

, however, Du Jiabin did not put the tiger Tesco into "Gome online", but fall into infighting and management confusion, and ultimately "million city", "Ten thousand steeds gallop." and "daring digital" with a sad ending. The surface is infighting, but the nature of the problem is Foxconn heavy industry and light industry has always been, no Internet genes, Internet thinking and traditional thinking had a fierce conflict, in the enterprise internal management, marketing from the location, failed to get out of the foundry thinking, eventually leading to failure. After a lapse of three years, Foxconn battles electricity supplier, even in the mode with the "Flying Tiger Tesco" pure B2C mode, learn to go Jingdong self + third party platform "mode, to hit a turnaround is not easy, but also at least three hurdle crossed.

first, Terry Gou can learn from and really change the generation of factory operations thinking? "Tiger Tesco failed the main reason is that Foxconn with its inherent foundry thinking interference, even the leading electricity supplier website operation, so that employees can only appear on the network, not on the Internet, the business circle such a strange, even the basic rules of the electricity supplier the industry are not willing to comply, failure also can hardly be avoided. So, can really trust professionals into the Internet for gene rich networking, is the first step.

second, rich networking will not have enough money to burn? The electricity supplier is a burn industry, Jingdong has been burning billions, as a latecomer, rich Internet how much money can be burned, Foxconn to invest enough is clearly an unknown.

third, how to compensate for the lack of brand? As Apple’s foundry, Foxconn’s popularity is large enough, but visibility does not represent a high reputation, especially in the electricity industry whether it is Foxconn, also.


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