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Network network ho throw million 1 yuan please people drink beer eco Beijing

After the success of

pocketed the eye in even throw two "ecological" posters, network network opened a "ecological taste" the true veil.

July 6th, LETV sports chief content officer, grut product experience officer Liu Jianhong announced: smashed million in the nationwide recruiting Grote Gloryt eco tasting group, will drink beer for the ecological man. Today, Grote Gloryt reload landing Jingdong Beer Festival, 1 yuan tasting price 10 open grab, five consecutive days, Beijing residents 1 yuan beer please".


("eco tasting regiment" Liu Jianhong invites you tasting Grote Gloryt

)Behind the

"ecological flavor", is a new eco camp network network, LETV sports and Jingdong "together three strong up, will subvert the traditional beer brand to the Internet to play the ecological marketing rules.

Liu Jianhong led

to create Grote tasting group: 1 yuan early adopters of "ecological"

yesterday, the former CCTV Oprah Liu Jianhong added "Colonel" eco tasting group title, his eco tasting group, ecological flavor tasting together "Grote Gloryt". In July 7th, Jingdong Beer Festival Opening Ecological tasting five day group recruitment, Beijing users pay 1 yuan to experience four bottles of Grote suit, the country’s first "eco ahead of fresh beer". At the same time, members of the sun to share a single opportunity to get more ecological benefits.


(easy to President Peng Gang, chief content officer Liu Jianhong, LETV sports network network CEO Li Rui, LETV car linked CEO He Yi)

It is reported that

, Grote Gloryt is composed of mesh network and music as sports jointly launched the "ecological beer", is the focus of this year’s global network network to build its own brand. Grote from Mannheim, Germany by a long history of Aishibao winery production, strictly abide by the law "in 1516" pure beer brewing process, quality and taste very characteristic of German origin.


pure wheat beer "ecological taste" in product packaging and testing stage has been moved to domestic users. The glory of wheat white beer, dark beer, glorious Conquest – wheat black beer, beer four beer crazy – the original wort concentration from 11.4P to 16.3P range, rich aroma, rich taste. Compared with the domestic beer is generally slow, grut "ecological taste" to give people a surprise.


(Gloryt Grote beer: glory and conquest, crazy and brilliant)

another remarkable place to let the outside world is strong Grote IP aura. Since the self test drink, Groot way and "super", "European Cup" LETV strong sports IP resource depth, by sports events hot off the "ecological sports + beer experience wave. ">


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