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Tmall flagship store to raise the price and then the actual price of 5 cents cheaper


on an original price of 2499 yuan JACK&JONES leather, September promotional price is 1249.5 yuan, "double 11" before the leather coat but restored the original price. Finally, this piece of leather "double 11" price is 1249 yuan, than before the promotional 5 cents cheaper.

consumer Mei said, as early as last year, he saw the JACK&JONES men’s leather collar two type motorcycle leather wear". However, the leather price is 2499 yuan, greatly exceeded his budget. In August and September this year, the leather in Tmall only sold at half price, but he missed the promotion to a strange combination of circumstances. However, this year, double 11, he is still full of expectations: in September, when the half price sales, the ‘double 11’ certainly greater concessions!

, however, the price of "double 11" was unveiled, and mr.. Originally, in the "double 11" before, this Parka returned to the price of 2499 yuan, "double 11" discount is 2499 yuan to calculate natural. In so doing, this piece of leather "double 11" Carnival price is 1249 yuan, only 5 cents cheaper than in September. "This is the last piece of fur, is in the store counter will discount, how can discount on the basis of the original price?" Mr. Mei believes that businesses are doubled the price, then the so-called half suspected carnival.

yesterday afternoon, reporters and Tmall JACK&JONES official flagship store made contact. The clerk said that their "double 11" price is based on counter price, rather than on the basis of the previous promotional price fold". According to the provisions of Tmall, the so-called counter price is the price of goods on the price tag of the original price, do promotions, to promote the price before." According to Tmall’s price report various explanations, JACK&JONES is not illegal.


does not accept this explanation. "If only 5 cents cheaper, then ‘Carnival’ what does it mean?"


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