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SEO growth experience and challenges facing SEO

      the last hundred fans often the word "SEO", so that everywhere I go to the forum, blog, promotion methods to be popularized to the website; the reason is very simple, I am from sales, originally sold 3721 network real name, 3721 "married" and "married" after the turn "go" website, with Baidu bidding, who knows Baidu up agent completely get rid of light; do not give the customer bring customers, so continue to want to do what?

      SEO, ha ha, from that time probably in 2003, began to understand something, change the website label, can get up the ranks, from that time, as long as it is done for customers, all trying to do, did not understand the so-called "keyword density" link "the" SEO "strategy layout" and "supplementary materials" those things, but do not know white or black SEO. Very interesting, a salesman to talk about this, may be a bit far away. The working relationship, this situation lasted more than a year, in this year I just help the customer website construction and operation planning, network promotion program fees, not only is SEO.

      05-06 years of curiosity, constantly to understand, ha ha, as long as the SEO related articles, all to see, but look carefully, also take the customer site to do the test, do not charge customers a fee. Companies do not know. Slowly discovered a lot, now also became a regular stone on the site. I know a little bit of the company mister SEO, I do not know how he is, and I asked to meet with customers, talk about the talk, really signed a number of orders to come back to me. Later I don’t clean or black is also required to make up a few, also found some problems, such as white emitting black take SEO address cheating ah, ah, the station closed, punishment, peer black and so on, N is negative, N tricks. Oh, it is ignorant, but fortunately those rankings are still. My job is still came to talk between the client and the SEO, a word tired.

      summed up is the SEO is so few points:

      1, a SEO not to face the market, not to face the customer, not to sign the bill, is never feel China 35 million small and medium enterprises boss mind the network to know and change. Maybe we are not very good, most of the customers are small and medium enterprises. In fact, whether you have the experience and technology, and meet the customer to see the outcome, it can also tell us the SEO behind closed doors car talk about how I technology? I believe we can build a SEOer forum, engage in professional blog do well, will sell themselves, to promote the concept of SEO, and therefore earned money fame. Of course, SEO is not necessary to see customers, but learn SEO, pay attention to SEO, what do you


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