HUAWE Tmall brand day highs

December 17th, Tmall super brand day × HUAWEI formally launched. As of the end of a large-scale brand feedback activities, the HUAWEI brand Tmall super day is full of sincerity, on the day, not only the new HUAWEI Mate 9 Pro overall sale, more the highest straight down 300, part of the explosive product full of hundred thousand less, can grab 12 installment of



is so good, also created since the HUAWEI flagship store shop the record number of sales: HUAWEI’s first high-profile hyperboloid screen flagship Mate 9 Pro in the Tmall super brand on the day of the sale, in December 17th 0 after the opening, HUAWEI Tmall official flagship store 3 seconds that exceeded 618 2016 sales and sales all day long, all day long that is 5 times in 2016 618. At the same time, HUAWEI flagship model Mate 9 series, many young people respected Nova series and the P9 series to open a series of double star series also has a pretty good sales, causing concern in the industry.

it is worth noting that, in the end of this achievement, Tmall super brand day breakthrough in the past purely sales of goods model, will create a brand, bring more likely to mention a more significant position. It is observed that in this event, Tmall super brand day also for HUAWEI’s new flagship model Mate 9 Pro to create a series of creative gameplay. Mate 9 Pro is equipped with 960 flagship kylin chip combined with artificial intelligence based on EMUI 5, using the most prominent experience is 18 months without caton. In view of the core characteristics of the product, Tmall to "the ultimate smooth, the starting point for creative is not Caton, by mining the consumers in the mobile phone use insight, launched a series of characterization of life" mobile phone Caton "scene is creative, to lead users to resonate at the same time for micro-blog to do # Kaka family # topic interact with the user. This event not only heat fermentation of the whole network, sufficient to drive the participation of users, so the HUAWEI brand image is more profound and solid, also activate the new and old customers purchase intention for HUAWEI in the industry and establish a nice marketing benchmark.

why choose Tmall super brand day?

Tmall super brand day, Tmall is to create a major breakthrough in the main position of brand marketing. From the beginning of last year, Tmall selected nearly 20 super big names every day, the main push one, for the brand continues to build, such as double the daily attention of the effect of the 11, but also to consumers. Currently, Tmall super brand day has been a brand Haier, the United States, the music, as well as other industry leaders, such as VOGUE, Lego and other international giants are also favored.

on this momentum basis, HUAWEI chose this year in the Tmall super brand on the last large feedback activities, at the same time, just opened the first domestic sales in 15, HUAWEI’s first screen during the hyperboloid Mate 9 Pro, also selected >


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